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How to grow hops

Updated on October 16, 2010

Why grow your own hops?

The homebrewing fad has been around for a good 20 years or so, and people are getting really advanced with their techniques. I know one thing a lot of people are doing is growing their own hops. This can be rewarding because you will know exactly where you hops came from and you will have more complete control of your brewing operations.

The way I grow hops is not the same as you would grow hops if you've got a more industrial operation going. This is really for the guy who just does this as a hobby.

Get yourself a 20 inch pot

You're going to need a big planting pot with adequate drainage. Your going to be watering your hops plant a lot and it needs a lot of room for its roots to grow in your bucket. You're also going to want a chain link fence where your vines can grow. Otherwise, you'll have to make your own trellis system

Planting your hop ribozyme

Fill you bucket with potting soil. Put your hop ribozyme stem about 2 inches below the surface. Make sure the little white vine thingy sticking out of it is facing up. Put soil back over it but don't pack it tight. Start watering it every day, mixing in Miracle Grow once a week. Make sure water is draining out of the bottom of your pot.

In about a month your hop will sprout out of the soil. At this point continue watering once a day and Miracle Grow two times every week. As the plant grows help it weave through the chain link fence.

Harvesting hops

Eventually your hop plant will be covered with little cones. When you can squeeze them and liquid comes out it's time to harvest. Pick them and put them in a bag. Dry them out on a screen (from your window) over the course of a few weeks. Dry out your soil in your pot and cover it to keep it dry. You can cut the vine at the soil. You just have to start feeding it water and Miracle Grow like before and it will grow back next season.


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