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How to make Cinnamon chicken & pasta

Updated on July 17, 2012

Main ingredients & cooking instructions

For this dish you will need:

1 Bottle red wine

2 medium tomatoes

1 16 oz can tomato puree

2 medium size sweet onions

4 small boneless chicken breast with skin

3 10oz packages mushrooms

8 oz of green peppers

3/4 cup cinnamon

16oz Elbow pasta or pasta of your choice

4oz chopped basil

1 stick butter

1/3 cup olive oil

2oz Paprika

1/2 cup brown sugar

Start the dish by covering the chicken breasts with some basil, a dash of black pepper a thin coating of cinnamon and a dash of parika.Cook the chicken breasts in a preheated oven at 350 until the outside skin is browned & crisp , around 15-20 minutes.

While cooking the chicken in the oven, chop up the tomato's & green peppers and add the tomato puree & 1/2 stick butter in a large saucepan with the cinnamon and chopped basil. Simmer on the stove on medium -medium high for 5 minutes then add 1/2 cup of wine and continue simmering.

Cook the elbow pasta until firm but cooked. Drain and add the other half of the butter and mix in with olive oil. Add the pasta and the chicken to the simmering mixture. Cover and let cook for 20-30 minutes on medium- a little more or less depending on your oven.

Chop up & cook the mushrooms in butter, onions and a little brown sugar until crispy brown.Add to the mixture when done, simmer 5 minutes more then serve.

When fully cooked separate the chicken in the pan into smaller pieces with a knife & fork, if it's fully cooked it should come apart easily. If not, it needs to simmer longer. Always test the chicken to be sure it's completely cooked.

This will feed at least 5-8 people, is really incredibly delicious and has an exotic flavor your taste buds will enjoy.
A good side dish would be a garden salad with a good Cabernet Sauvignon.

This is a very flexible recipe, you may want to experiment with more or less cinnamon, wine, olive oil or the butter in the mix to make it better suit your personal taste.


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    • jjcane profile image

      jjcane 5 years ago from Mass

      Thanks for sharing! Remember this is a flexible recipe so use more or less spice till you feel it's just right. Also, adding a little more wine or Olive oil

      will help if you plan to reheat it at a later time. Letme know how it comes out and enjoy!

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Wow, Cinnamon Chicken! Never heard of it but sounds great! I want to try this so I will have to bookmark for later. Welcome to HubPages! Nice to see someone else from Mass! Voted this up and shared!