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How to make Easy Chicken Korma

Updated on August 20, 2011
easy chicken korma recipe
easy chicken korma recipe

Fun Family Recipe Easy Chicken Korma

You can make easy chicken korma any day of the week, following this simple easy recipe. I use it all the time.

Before you start, lets get what you need ready.

1.Chicken breast pieces, diced into small sizes according to your preference, seasoned

with sea salt.

2. Bottle of olive oil.

3. Chicken seasoning of your choice.

4. Chicken season of your choice

5. Jar of Indian Korma sauce.

6. Steamed vegetables of your choice(broccoli is great) plus ready made rice or potatoes.

First Step;

Prepare your chicken adding your seasoning into the chicken pieces, then add it to your saucepan and boil for about 10minutes. Cover the sauce pan to lock in the flavor.

Second Step.

When the chicken is cooked, drain the water and excess fat., add a bit of olive oil and fry the chicken for a few minutes in olive oil.(this frying stage) is optional only a favourite of mine as I use olive oil in everything.

Third Step

Empty the contents of the Indian Korma sauce into the sauce pan, add half a cup of water as the sauce is quite thick, and cook for 15minutes. Cover the sauce pan.

That is all you need, simple straightforward, add your favourite rice, egg fried rice or pasta

or potatoes according to your choice. Include your favourite vegetables for a healthy balanced meal. This meal will cost you under five pounds.



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