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How to make Fall-Off-The-Bones ribs!

Updated on December 22, 2009

Mmm... Mmm... Mmm... RIBS!

There's just something so delicious about a good plate of barbecued ribs. Served with a side of home-fries, cabbage slaw, skillet cornbread and baked beans - you've got yourself a plateful of Southern magic (and an impending heart attack...). Ribs are without a doubt, one of my favorite foods so over the last few years, I've tested recipe after recipe in search of the perfect ribs and have come up with something close to Heaven! I'm not going to give away all my secrets though... I'm just going to give you the "runner-up" in my culinary arsenol for cooking perfect ribs. To taste my perfect rib recipe, you'll just have to wait and watch out for 'Delaney's on First' to open. This one I'm giving you is more than exceptional though and as long as you follow the easy directions, you'll end up with perfect fall-off-the-bones ribs!

  • Take your rack of ribs and peel the silverskin. Once peeled, set into a quick marinade of 1 part soy sauce, 1 part orange juice and one part water. Allow to soak for at least an hour at room temperature before continuing the recipe. Now would be a great time to enjoy a beer.
  • Fill a large stock pot with water and add the whole cloves, onion, bay leaves, juniper berries, orange slices, Dr Pepper and peppercorns. Bring to a rapid boil.
  • Carefully place the peeled ribs into the boiling mixture and reduce heat to medium. Cook uncovered for about an hour and remove ribs. Discard the liquid.

  • Pat the ribs dry with a clean lint-free towel wiping off any leftover ingredients from the boil (bay leaves, peppercorns, juniper berries, etc...)
  • Generously rub the ribs with a good quality seasoning rub. Don't go crazy here, but you want to season well. Set aside.
  • Get your BBQ going with hot coals and once they're white hot, push them to the sides of the grill leaving the center of the BBQ free of coals.


  • Set the ribs down in the center of the grill bone-side up taking care not to place them directly above hot coals.
  • Sprinkle a hand-ful or two of hickory or apple-wood chips directly onto the hot coals and then close the lid and vents of the BBQ.
  • Allow to smoke for 10 minutes with vents closed and then open them completely.
  • Flip the ribs.

  • Close the lid but leave the vents open and continue to cook for another ten minutes.
  • Open lid and finish cooking with the lid off. (Coals may start getting cooler at this point but that's what we want here...)
  • Five minutes before removing the ribs from the grill, "mop" with a good quality barbeque sauce on both sides.
  • Allow to cool for a few minutes then serve with plenty of napkins!



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    • profile image

      JB 4 years ago

      Forget dirtying a pot and boiling the Ribs waste of time . Wrap individual slabs in foil and add about a qtr cup of braising liquid t keep ribs moist while slow cooking indirectly on teh que for a bout 3-3.5 hours for baby backs. after cooking on the grill open the foil on one side and drain teh remaining brasising liquid into a pot . Take teh liquide into the kitchen and heat on high to reduce untill its thicker similar to BBq sauce. To quicken this process add your favorite bbq sauce to teh brising liquid and coat the ribs on teh bby for another 15-20 min.

    • profile image

      ugg nightfall 8 years ago

    • Delaney Boling profile image

      Delaney Boling 8 years ago

      Hey dohn! Good to see you again. I actually have two mini-hibachis that I use sometimes for catering (perfect for veggies and skewers) and I love them. Of course, I do have three "oil-drums" and a few 36" rounds as well but I've taken those hibachis camping and done everything from ribs to brisket. It's all about indirect heat. You can always feed the coals to keep the fire going longer but you never want the meat to be directly on top of the coals. That's the real secret!

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      This I have to try. While in college, I used a mini hibachi year-round while off-campus and used to get funny looks from my neighbors all the time. Thanks for the recipe!

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 8 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Oh - just what I was looking for - thanks.

    • Bail Up ! profile image

      Bail Up ! 8 years ago

      These ribs look delicious. I bookmarked this one to try during the Holidays. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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