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How to make a Kamikaze Shot

Updated on August 1, 2012
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In this hub I will write how to make the famous kamikaze shot. This shot is extremely popular on the club scene, along with the pregame, or after dinner drink. Overall it is a great drink that taste good, and as said before is very popular. Hopefully you find this hub useful, and helpful in making the Kamikaze.


  • 2/5 shot Triple Sec, I use Hiram Walker
  • 2/5 shot Vodka, I use Smirnoff
  • 1/5 shot Lime Juice

The process

  1. Before I start the making process, I would like to say that a normal set of ingredients calls for 1 ounce of each liquid, but my directions will teach you how to make enough Kamikaze for 1 shot.
  2. The first thing that you need to do is make sure you have a couple ice cubes, and a mixer. You can also chill the Triple Sec, and Vodka, but you will still need a mixer, or shaker.
  3. First off measure about 2/5 of a shot or both vodka, and Triple Sec, and pour them into your mixer with ice.
  4. Now shake vigorously until both liquids are mixed, and chilled.
  5. Take the two liquids that are now chilled and mixed, and pour them into a shot glass. This should fill a majority of the shot glass especially that it is mixed with the ice.
  6. Now that the shot glass is filled hopefully 4/5 of the way, your last 1/5 should be filled with lime juice.
  7. Usually I would say you should mix the lime juice along with the other drinks, but I found that the overall shot taste batter if you add the lime juice after into the shot glass.
  8. Also I would like to add that you should not add a full 1/5 of a shot glass of lime juice but more along the lines of a splash of lime juice mainly for the flavor.
  9. Now that your shot is made, you should be able to enjoy your Kamikaze, and enjoy the drink.
  10. If you are making the shots for you + someone else, then you should do 1 ounce of vodka, 1 ounce of Triple sec, and about 1/5-2/5 of a shot of lime juice to the shot. This will allow the drink to be for 2, and if you shake in ice, a little more than 2 shots. In this case mix all ingredients together, and pour into a shot glass, unlike above where you only chill the triple sec and vodka.


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