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How to make a Picture Cake just like the Bakeries!

Updated on June 3, 2015
Leading supplier of Edible Images since 2002.
Leading supplier of Edible Images since 2002. | Source

How to make a Picture Cake just like the Bakeries!

Create your own amazing cakes, cupcakes, and treats of all sorts with Edible Photo Cake Stickers, also known as Edible Images. Edible Cake Stickers help you create high end desserts quickly and easily, for a fraction of the cost when purchased! The perfect tool for presenting beautiful, fun, and festive desserts.

Cake Sticker are SUPER EASY to use! You simply peel the edible image from the backing sheet and place on your frosted cake or treat. Cake Stickers also work great on fondant, gum paste, whipped cream, chocolate, fudge, and even ice cream cakes. No experience is necessary, everyone can do it!

What is an Edible Photo Cake Sticker made of?

Also known as Sugar Sheets. Edible Cake Sticker are actually frosting pressed ultra thin onto a plastic backing sheet. The image is created from special edible inks. All the products used to create photo cakes are FDA and Kosher approved from most companies. Edible Images help you create high end cakes and treats, quickly and easily.

How do you get an edible image?

Ordering an Edible Image on line at is simple. Here is a coupon code to receive 10% off your Cake Sticker order, use coupon code: HP, at time of checkout. You can use your own image, photo, or logo, as well as choosing from a large selection of festive prints such as stripes, stars, flowers, animal prints, and more.

Let's say you want to make a truck cake, you can send Fill Your Heart Edible Memories an email explaining your cake idea and we will help you find images such as license plates, hub caps, and logos to adorn the cab; all free of charge. They also offer discounts on large quantity orders so creating something special for big events won't break your wallet. Fill Your Heart Edible Memories is not just a company selling Cake Stickers, they are actual cake decorators that use edible images every day in their cake and treat designs since 2002.

How to make the perfect Photo Cake:

1. Start by having a level, clean (crumb free), room temperature cake. If your cake has a “hump” in the middle gently cut the top level using a serrated knife. Helpful hint: put your cake in the freezer for about an hour prior to leveling as this will make it easier to cut and you won’t get as many crumbs when icing your cake.

2. Ice your cake as you would any other cake.Various frosting can be used such as butter cream (produces the best results), whipped cream or non-dairy topping and even frozen ice cream cakes. For the best results apply the edible image immediately after frosting your cake. Your frosting or icing should not be dry or have a skin prior to placing the edible image.

3. Remove the edible image from the plastic backing sheet. The edible image should peel away easily from the plastic backing sheet. If any difficulty: pull backing sheet over the sharp edge of a table - imaged side up. You can read more complete instructions on working with edible images at Fill Your Heart Edible Memories, How to apply Edible Imaged Cake Stickers.

Gently remove the edible image beginning with a corner - do not pull hard on the sheet as they are a bit delicate and could rip.

Lay the edible image sheet on top of your cake by holding the ends and gently applying from the middle first, to the ends. Gently smooth out the edible image making sure the edges are touching frosting. See the photos examples below.

4. Create some piped borders around the edible image or apply festive sprinkles for an added touch.

You have just created a masterpiece! Now you can make cakes for all your friends and family!

Fill Your Heart...not just your tummy!


Removing Edible Image from backing sheet


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