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How to make a R2-D2 birthday cake. Star Wars coolest droid - millennium falcon, skywalker, Darth Vadar

Updated on September 21, 2013

I first made a minion cake then I used these skills to make a R2-D2 cake

Take a look at the other hubs I have created. One is for an amazing cake we make of a minion cake. Children will LOVE this.

R2-D2 cake

3.8 stars from 4 ratings of Would you love a R2-D2 birthday cake?

Who doesn't love Star Wars?

I have taught plenty of children and plenty of them love Star Wars. In fact I would go as far to say that plenty of them LOVE Star Wars.

One of my favourite characters is R2-D2. This lovable, cheeky droid would make a great surprise to your child's party. Imagine their face when you bring this out in front of family and friends ...

How can I make this great R2-D2 cake?

There are a few options that I thought of to make this great cake, ranging from easy to hard.

I have to admit though, the more cakes I make the easier it becomes. I still think the icing is the most difficult bit but this will get better with practice. And you can create such amazing effects with it.

With most decorated cakes you bake a few cakes in the oven and use these to make the shape for the cake you desire. This is done by baking cakes in the shapes you require and cutting them down. Once this is done and you have the shape you ice it all. Sounds easy; believe me it isn't but with patients and skill you can create an amazing cake that is SOOOOOO much better than anything bought at the supermarket.

I have thought of three options that you could use to inspire you in your creation:

Option 1 the easy option. The head of R2

I am going to describe this option later, after option 3 of R2-D2 standing up. The reasons you will I will explain when I come to it though but all will make sense.

Option 2 the medium difficulty option with R2-D2 lying down

This cake not only looks great but it actually is quite easy to make.

This is the easiest way in which to create a minion cake.

  • The first thing I did was cook a round cake and a two maybe three rectangular cakes (depending on the size of your tin).
  • The round cake should be cut in two. One half should be placed at the top with one rectangular cake underneath it and then the other half of the round cake at the bottom.
  • This should then be cut into shape of the body of R2-D2.
  • Using the other retangular cake you need to make R2's legs. I found that the middle of the cake where it rises is best for the making the shoulders. The natural curve here is good to use. You may have to cut the cake into shape here if the top of the cake isn't good. And of course depending on which cake you make, the top of the cake can be a little hard and it is best to cut it off and shape it.
  • Next you need to cut out out rectangular shapes with a diagonal cut at the bottom for the 'feet'.
  • Each part of these cakes should be cut in two. On the bottom slice of each cake you should put a coating of jam and some buttercream. A recipe for this is on my hub for how to make a minion cake (The link is above)

  • The next thing you should do, once you have the basic shape, is to ice the whole thing in white icing.
  • There are a few methods you can use to 'glue' the icing onto the side. Egg whites, wet icing or my favourite heated jam.
  • The next thing I did was to cut cut the white icing from around the 'head of R2-D2'. If this is done properly then you should be able to remove the top half of round cake. The reason I did this was because I wanted to spray the head to make the silver colour. I used a silver shimmer spray for this. (Although I did use up most of the can for this after spraying many coats over it. It also took a long time to do this but the effect was worth it.)
  • While I was waiting between each coat to dry I coloured some blue icing. (Note: if you are unsure how to do this please refer to 'how to colour icing' at the bottom of this hub.)
  • Then you need to add the detailed icing.
  • Cut the other icing into the required shapes, (Most are very simple rectangles) coat the back of it with the heated jam or other 'glue' and then place against the iced cake where you want it. Hold it there for a while until you are sure it is stuck. (Note: I did of course have to wait to add most of the blue detail because I was still waiting for the silver coats to make a deep enough colour and also dry.
  • Even though I was getting better at icing I still noticed a few cracks in the icing in the white icing. Again the way I repared this was to get a little water, wetting my finger with it I rubbed lightly on the icing. The icing then dissolved with the water and was then moved into the cracks - once it dried then the cracks were filled in.
  • While I waited again for a coat to dry I made grey colour icing. To do this I added black food colouring a little at a time and did this until I had the desired colour.
  • Once I had, I cut the required shaped again. I made the three circles on down R2's front by cutting out circles using a circle cutter. I then used a knife and just pressed the blade gently into the icing to make the ridges - adding texture to the finished pattern.
  • I was still waiting for R2's head to dry, so I started to add more detail to his body. This was done using a simple icing pen and drawing it on. They are sold in most supermarkets so this was easy to get hold of and easy to do as long as you have a steady hand. I did however make a few mistakes doing this. The way you correct them is to get a knife and just scratch it off before it dries. A little water rubbed in gently with your finger would disguise any scratch marks - if you scratch of the icing carefully you wouldn't have many though.
  • The black icing that covered part of the legs to add more detail was shop bought as I found that trying to colour black and get a deep enough colour was very difficult, plus I didn't need much of it which was good as it isn't supplied in big quantities.
  • Once I had finished the body and legs I still had to wait for the head for more coats and dry. I made small amounts of light blue and red icing and moulded then into shape.
  • I had everything ready to to add the detail on now and just needed to wait. (If you didn't want to wait so long then maybe buying silver icing would be a better option or you could simply just use a grey colour for the head.)
  • Once it was dry and deep enough colour I then added the blue icing first and then the grey, light blue and red icing to finish off R2-D2.

It took me some time to ice this cake, probably due to it being my first time so I was very careful and kept on checking myself but I hope you agree that it came out really well.

Option 3 the hardest but the best looking option: R2-D2 standing up.

This is a great cake that looks really well and isn't as hard as it looks.

It was made in a very similar way to option 2. There were a few exceptions though:

  • The body was made by baking three 8 inch round cakes. They were cut in half and then jam and buttercream was placed in the middle of each slice. They were then stacked on top of each other before being iced with the white icing. Then decorated using the same techniques as described above.
  • The body was allowed to stand above the ground by baking another round cake. This time a 5' one, icing it and then placing this underneath the body to hold it up. It was 'glued' to this cake by using heated jam.
  • The head was made from a 10 inch round cake and cut down. Then I iced it using silver icing (Using the shimmer spray, as described above, took too much time. The silver icing was harder to find than most colours but I bought it off ebay. The head was then decorated with the blue etc. It was stuck onto the body using heated jam as the 'glue'.
  • The legs were made lying down and iced from that. I again used retangular cakes which were cut into shape. They were then placed on the side of the body and glued into place.
  • The final piece for this was an experiment really but worked out really well. I had seen it before and liked it so I had a go. I iced the board! Then I added patterns to it. This was really simple as I just used two round cutters of different sizes and gently pushed them slightly into the icing.
  • The happy birthday sign was made using a cocktail stick and I just wrote into the icing. This obviously had to be taken slowely and carefully.

Going back to option 1!

I saved this until last because all this option would be is the head of R2-D2 from option 3. You would be making this anyway if you were doing option 3 and then just glueing into place on the cake but as it only involves one cake that wouldn't need cutting so it would be the simpliest to do.

Before having a go watch this video to get ideas

And finally

So, here is a few ideas of how to create a great cake. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you want to have a try at doing your own, that you have picked up some ideas and tips from this.



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      OMG That's awesome! Star Wars FTW!


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