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How to make a really good low sugar banana pudding

Updated on February 1, 2016

Fast and easy

A good dinner deserves a good dessert.
A good dinner deserves a good dessert.
Food that is easy to make can be as tasty as food that is made by chefs, like this meal.
Food that is easy to make can be as tasty as food that is made by chefs, like this meal.

First the basics, then the breakdown

My husband LOVES banana pudding but he can't have a lot of sugar so I learned how to make it with less sugar. I use instant Jello sugar free pudding. It tastes just as good as the regular kind. I have tried this on family and friends and they cannot tell the difference.

The recipe is:

3-4 bananas

1 box of vanilla wafers

1 small box Jello sugar free fat free vanilla pudding

Set the oven to 325 degrees

Slice the bananas in one quarter to one half inch slices. Mix the pudding according to the directions. Set a litle of the pudding aside. Using a two quart glass casserole dish with a cover, line the bottom of the dish with vanilla wafers. Then put a layer of pudding over the vanilla wafers. Then a layer of bananas. Then more cookies, pudding and bananas. Usually there will be about three layers. Take the pudding you set aside and put it on top with a few cookies. Put the cover on the casserole dish and put it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. Take it out and allow it to cool. ENJOY!

Now that is the recipe. But here are a few tips:

1. Get firm bananas. They will get soft in the cooking so if you get soft ones you will end up with mush. I like the ones with just a little brown speckling, they are tastier. But firm yellow bananas with no speckling are ok.

2. Get the good vanilla wafers. The generic ones don't taste as good. It doesn't seem like it would make a big difference in the flavor of the dessert but it does.

3. Use vanilla flavored pudding. If you don't want sugar free, you can use the regular vanilla pudding in the same way.

4. You don't really cook the pudding, you just warm it through. This softens everything and enhances the flavor. Don't leave it in the oven too long.

5. I don't put meringue on it. I don't know how to make meringue and there is a lot of sugar in it, which we don't want. Once it is cool I put a little whipped cream on it. But this is optional.

If you try this recipe, let me know how you liked it.


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