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How to make a refrigerator nothing to eat

Updated on May 16, 2016

things out of the freezer in bags

I thought they would turn this into a recipe for disaster yet if you have rice, frozen peas, curry, schezuan sauce, eggs, ghee, pepper, a bag of mixed vegetables then you have food to eat. I guess i made just about anything at times and loved to just gather the leftovers and throw them together as best I could. Sometimes using what you have in the freezer and cabinets helps you know what you actually have in the heart places, where you are fed.

First, heat the ghee, clarified butter, doing it yourself is difficult. I mean making ghee in the kitchen here in America. I was going to do it, and did yet it is a burning point of the butter. Then have the rice cooked, whatever kind you like. Throw in the curry, pepper and any spices you like. Try new things. Then saute the frozen vegetables until a golden brown has risen on the them, then the rice next stirring frequently. I like to stand over the wok or the pan so I can just be part of the actions. If you have curry leaves, yummy. I like them, PS keep them in the freezer if you have and do not use them regularly.

If you add meat fine, then add the schezuan sauce. I am particular to the one with a dragon on it. I forgot the branding, it is reddish. Scramble up two or three eggs and you are done.

The other key point to making all your goods is that you can use what you have. I like that nature did that once. First it took a cold frozen place then added a little heat and a fuse to lightning the storm clouds, be sure not to burn the rice. I think it is important to watch so there is no burnt places, even though it happens, sometimes the fire and lightning creates lava and it melts to the core of the planet trapped as pounds per square inch it is under pressure causing gravity to form, or a movement. Then the heat makes the ice melt and it raises into the air, for the aroma of the life being started in chemistry of life meets the appetites of life. You would be warned, that overdoing the fire without care makes the sticky messes hard to clean up after the dish is set and plated.

Clouds fill the air with attractions, and others may soon know you are making fried rice in the cooker. I think much of the time your neighbors might be intrigued by the creations. Well if your dishes are as fine as some others then know you did a good job according to you. I would wait to make any side dishes, unless you have one or two already made and ready.

PS, I know how to cook and you should have asked before taking advantage of a place where you heart belongs in a soo line, or near the seas. Hey, like the pecan pie reference and the bridge.


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