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How to make an Ice Cream Cake just like the professionals!

Updated on September 14, 2010

Making an ice cream cake is super easy. Making this designer ice cream cake is even easier!

Everyone can do it, no experiece is needed.

Designer Cake Made Easy

Green Polka Dot Flower Ice Cream Cake

Perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthday's, Shower's, new job, housewarming, and just because!

SIZE: 8” round

Supplies: 2 gallons Ice Cream (any flavor)

8" round Cake Pan

Frosting (for decorating)

Pastry bags & Decorating Tips #5 & #10

Edible Image Designer Prints: 3 strips 2.25" x 10" each (choose from many designs)

Start by filling a 8" round cake pan with your favorite ice cream flavor. For the best results let the ice cream sit out for a few minutes or put in the microwave to soften. Firmly pack the ice cream in the cake pan, filling to the top and make it level. Put it back in the freezer for several hours until very firm.

1. Mix or have on hand yellow icing (buttercream or non-dairy tinted with Lemon Yellow Liqua-Gel Color), or pre-colored whipped topping.

2. Mix or have on hand pink icing (icing colored with Ribbon Pink Liqua-Gel Color), or pre-colored whipped topping.

3. Set aside a small amount of yellow icing and add a scant amount of Leaf Green Liqua-Gel to make a lime-colored icing.

4. Take the cake from the freezer, carefully remove from pan and place on a cake plate. Let it rest for a few minutes, to allow the ice crystal to soften. Use this time to fill your pastry bags:
--one with yellow and a #5 plain round tube
--one with pink and a #5 tip
--one with lime and a #5 tip
--one with white and a #10 plain round tube

5. Apply the edible images designer print strips to the sides of the cake, leaving a 1/3” gap between each strip. You may need to trim the last strip to fit. Click here for instructions on applying edible images.

TIP: If the cake is still coated in frozen ice crystal, the strips may not adhere—a slight condensation build-up is ideal.

6. Pipe beaded top and bottom borders using white icing in the #10 tip, and then pipe a few beads where the gaps exists between Designer Prints™ strips. This piping technique is very simple, pressure consistency is the key to making balls the same size.

7. Pipe a lime green outline around the top border, as shown, with lime icing in a #5 tip.

8. Pipe a few simple outline flowers with pink icing, and fill the center(s) with yellow stamens.

9. Pipe lime green stems to finish.

Serve immediately or put back in the freezer.

What a beautiful cake you just made for a fraction of the cost selling at bakeries! Now you can make special cakes for all your special occasions!


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    • mkvealsh profile image

      mkvealsh 7 years ago

      What a beautiful cake!!