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How to make delicious chutney with tamarind and coconut - Tamarind Coconut Chutney

Updated on November 1, 2013

Tamarind Coconut Chutney


Tamarind coconut chutney is one of the famous and most delicious foods of south India. This hub shows step by step procedures of preparing the delicious tamarind coconut chutney. Many people prepare this chutney in variety of ways. The tamarind coconut chutney is a very tasty side dish with the rice. The tamarind coconut chutney can be prepared easily. It does not require more ingredients. This is a easy cook dish. Chutneys are usually prepared for breakfast in south India but this dish is mostly preferred on a combination with rice. In many of the hotels of south India the tamarind coconut chutney is prepared with masaladosa(a south Indian dish) , which is also a delicious combination.



Ingredients needed for the preparation

The ingredients used for the preparation of tamarind coconut chutney are coconut, tamarind, red chilies, green chilies, sweet neem(curry leaves) and salt. At first we had to take the coconut cut it and it had to be grated and we can place that grated coconut to a bowl as our first ingredient. Next take few tamarind and place it in another bowl. Few tamarinds are enough for preparing this chutney. Tamarind is the main ingredient of this chutney. Next we should take two or three red chilies and place it in the fire for a few seconds and then take from the fire. Then the next ingredient needed is salt. We can add the amount of salt as per our taste. Then we need few amount of sweet neems and one or two green chilies.

Grinding ingredients


Preparation of Tamarind coconut chutney

After all these ingredients are ready we can start its preparation. We should take the grated coconut, tamarind, red chilies salt and only a few water and put all these into a mixer grinder and make it grind for about twenty or thirty seconds. After it is done we can place these chutney to bowl. Then we should cut the green chilies and place them above the chutney and also put some sweet neems to it and our tamarind coconut chutney is ready. We can add more water to the chutney if needed. We can eat this delicious chutney with rice, dosa etc. The time taken for the preparation of tamarind coconut chutney may be only 8-10 minutes. This dish will be one of the favorites of the children as well as the elder ones. Every one try to make this delicious tamarind coconut chutney.


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    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 5 years ago from Space Coast

      I hate Indian food . . . it is too delicious! You know, when I was growing up, I never tasted it. Since then, many Indians have moved here. They make the best neighbors, and now I have to have my chutney.

      The food is like the culture. It is rich, sophisticated, and varied.