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How to make easy fried ice cream

Updated on May 5, 2015

What do you need to make easy fried ice-cream?

  • A loaf toast, White toast please, don't choose the one with something else such as grains.
  • half bowl flour, bread flour or all purpose flour will just be fine
  • a bowl of water, water... just water
  • Ice cream, you could choose the flavor your prefer such as durian flavor :P
  • Three (egg), This is optional, it's not necessary to prepare eggs; but it is definitely better with them.

So how to make an easy fried ice cream?

  1. Take out to toasts and cut the crust off.
  2. Mix half bowl of flour and a bowl of water together.
  3. Scoop a ball of ice cream out then place it in the middle of one toast, and smear the mixture of flour and water around rim of the toast. (If it is inconvenient for you to get flour and water, you don't have to use it. The reason why I smear the mixture around the rim is to assist me seal the toasts tightly; in case the ice cream come out and the side loosen.)
  4. Cover another piece of toast over the toast you put ice cream on.
  5. Seal two pieces of toasts tightly with your fingers. Once you are finished it will look like the picture below, then put the sealed toasts into freezer for at least thirty minutes. (Let's call the sealed toasts "Fry ice cream" from now on...)
  6. Take the fry ice cream out of the freezer once you are ready to fry. (Don't set the fry ice-cream over ten minutes after taking out of the freezer, otherwise it would become horribly soggy)
  7. Heat up the oil to very high temperature for frying. 375 °F (190 °C) (If you don't have a thermometer with you just throw a piece of toast crumb into the oil, if it is sizzling then you are good to go. Personally I would recommend pour only three to four centimeters high oil in the wok for frying, not only this will save you some oil but also fry ice cream doesn't need too much oil to fry.)
  8. Put the fry ice cream into the sizzling hot oil, fry for around only two to three second for each side. (Once one side turn golden, flip the fry ice cream immediately. Otherwise the ice cream will melt and the toast will soak up too much oil which will be disgusting... = =)
  9. About the egg part this is optional, but definitely taste better with it. Break three eggs into a bowl and beat them evenly. So before you fry the fry ice cream, you can coat the fry ice cream with beaten egg.
  10. After frying the fry ice cream, set them on a plate with paper napkin for minutes so the napkin could sip some excessive oil out. Also you need to cool the fry ice cream down so the toast would be crispy. At last, you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder, sugar powder, or anything you prefer. Also you can decorate something aside the fry ice cream such as ice cream (Too much ice cream, no?), candy, or cookies.
Of course you could make this round, I am the lazy type so mine are always square.
Of course you could make this round, I am the lazy type so mine are always square.
After frying the fry ice cream it turned beautifully golden.
After frying the fry ice cream it turned beautifully golden.

How Long Does It Take to Make Easy Fried Ice Cream?

Prep time: 2 hours
Cook time: 5 min
Ready in: 2 hours 5 min
Yields: Serves four to six person (a loaf of toast)

There's always a story for the dish

I know there are already countless websites teaching you how to make fried ice cream, but be honest I consider my version of fried ice cream the easiest way to make :P Some of them are complicated and time consuming, well... mine is time consuming as well but much simpler.

I would love to talk a story: At my eighteen I was an exchange student in the U.S. KS, Manhattan. That was my first time to visit the United State in my whole life! I have made several dishes for my host families, friends, sponsors, and so on... but among all the dishes I realized American's favorite dish is, that's right! The Fried Ice-cream!!! Silly me, I should have found out since I arrived there, as I recall the first thing my host family took me to eat while I just arrived KS on my first day is: Ice cream. As a bonus point, I remember one of my host dad even told me he couldn't live without ice cream. And he also bought me delicious ice cream. Man!~ Everyone does love ice cream!

Ice cream everywhere!~~~ ^^
Ice cream everywhere!~~~ ^^

There's always a story for the dish

I had made many dishes: cream sauce spaghetti, scrambled egg with fresh tomatoes, peanut butter with cheese sandwich, and so on.... but among all dishes, the most popular one for American of course is: Fry ice cream; Also my favorite snack by now. But here's something I regret a lot, which is while staying in several host families I didn't have the chance to make them this marvelous and addictive dish; Let's face the fact, I was having too much fun and I forgot. :P So, this recipe is for everyone who loves dessert but especially for Phil, Carly, Lorri, Robert,Cheryl and Bryan. :)

This is the cream sauce spaghetti I made often while staying in the U.S.  Maybe next time I can teach you how to make this :)
This is the cream sauce spaghetti I made often while staying in the U.S. Maybe next time I can teach you how to make this :)

Fry ice cream

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How do you guys like my articl?

English is not my native language, my native language is Mandarin Chinese. But I consider this as one of the vehicle to improve my English, hope you guys could leave some comments and let me know about your opinions. Thank you so much!~ :)


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