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How to make money while you drink your coffee

Updated on March 28, 2012
Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans
Preparing for Coffee tasting
Preparing for Coffee tasting
Coffee Taster in Action
Coffee Taster in Action

I was having my last sip of the coffee at a hotel room in India and the thought of coffee tastemakers struck me. I used to prepare my coffee whenever I used to travel or stay in hotels. I had prepared a great coffee and that made me to write this article.

Coffee is prepared from the beans of coffee cherry primarily grown in Latin American countries (Did you forget Brazil?), South Asia and Africa. Coffee has played a major role in our culture and society and now I find lots of coffee drinking clubs in India itself. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and Finland the largest consumer. It is very customary to offer a cup of coffee to guests in South Indian Culture. Also we use to serve it after a heavy dinner as well. And I cannot forget all those “Coffee Breaks” that Corporate India is following. Hence coffee has become an integral part of Indian culture.

Well, to be precise it is a legal drug in India which I enjoy. Besides that there are few health benefits of taking a cup of coffee: -

1. Increases your attention

2. Increased memory

3. Decreases Heart Disease

4. Increases the physical performance

5. Decreases Liver Disease

Tasting a coffee is becoming profession nowadays. Lots of coffeehouses are employing experts in this field. As a coffee taster, you should be able to estimate the degree of aroma, flavor, viscosity, acidity etc.

The job is not easy though. You may have to taste more than 500 cups of coffee a day and still be able to pick the best one out of it. Simple? Well practice makes it perfect.

The job requires no specific qualification and a degree in food science will be an added advantage. I had a privilege to watch a coffee taster long time ago. This man in his late 40’s sat on a round table with at least 15 different cups of coffee and using a spoon started with the first cup. He strongly sips the coffee from the spoon with a loud noise (perhaps this is to get that aroma and flavor till his brain). He keeps the coffee in his mouth for couple of seconds and then just spit it out.

I hope it requires lots of practice and now there are few coffee tasters’ schools to learn this art. Basically coffee is tasted for the following: -

1. Acidity: - Coffee is known for its acidic nature. It is the bright, crisp and lively feeling in your mouth when you sip it.

2. Aroma: - The taste is always accompanied by smell and a good natural smell of flora and acidic will serve as a great combination.

3. Body: - Not yours’ but the viscosity, thickness of the coffee is analyzed in the body of the coffee.

4. Flavor: - Quite similar to aroma, it analyses and differentiates coffees into chocolate, Carmel, Winey etc. There are some tough terms but a taster known it all.

If you are really keen on taking this as a career, then you should first find a good mentor. Learn under him the art and then go alone. People talk a lot about the coffee and tasters do not get carried away by that. They have their own set of parameters to determine the taste. The best tip ever provided: Keep practicing and always be willing to learn more.

By the way, I am going for another cup of coffee.


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