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How to make the Homemade Large Nut Rolls for the Christmas and Easter Holiday Season.

Updated on March 6, 2015

Pictures of Nutrolls.

two slices of nut rolls on a plate.
two slices of nut rolls on a plate. | Source
picture showing nut rolls cut with slices on a plate to serve to family and friends.
picture showing nut rolls cut with slices on a plate to serve to family and friends. | Source
picture of nut rolls on a plate and displayed for family and friends to enjoy.
picture of nut rolls on a plate and displayed for family and friends to enjoy. | Source

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I Love The Large Nut Rolls.

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How to make the Large Nut Rolls

Hi Gardening Friends

Here is a recipe for the large nut rolls that my mother Jean use to make for the different holidays doing the year.. My mother got this recipe from her mother Clara my grandmother. This nut roll recipe haves been in our family for a very long time my mother and my grandmother have been making this nut rolls recipe for many year at the holiday season. I remember my Mother making these nut rolls in the fall of the year she started to bake them and her other rolls,cakes and holiday cookies in September after we started back to school. She would make the nut rolls and freeze them in the freezer. Then she would get them out of the freezer for when she wanted them for the holidays. After my mother would let them thaw out from being in the freezer she would cut them with a knife and lay them on a Christmas plate with other holiday rolls and cookies. Then my mother would serve them to her family and friends that would come to visit us at the holiday season. My mother would serve these nut rolls after she had a meal as a dessert or she would serve them as just a dessert with the guest or family could enjoy with coffee. Or the young ones can have them served to them with a cold glass of milk. also you can serve these nut rolls with butter that you can spread on them.then sit down with your company or family members and enjoy eating them. Over a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and have a nice visit with both family and friends and make some lasting memories while you and family and your friends enjoy both talking and eating a great holiday dessert. Then years from now you will remember this and you will have lasting memories for many years to come. I hope you try this nut roll recipe and enjoy it as much as are family did. W hen I was younger and my family was all together and we enjoyed making these Large nut rolls.

Large Nut Roll Recipe

1 lb Oleo

2 cups Sugar

8 Eggs

1 can of Milk

1/3 cup of Water

1 Cake of household Yeast

15 cups of Flour

Mix and let rise for 3 hours, part dough in ten parts.

Makes 10 rolls.

Bake 325 degrees till golden brown.

Filling for Nut Rolls

2 cups of Milk

4 cups of chopped Nuts

1/2 cup of Sugar

6 Tablespoons of butter

2/3 cup of Honey

Put the above ingredient in sauce pan. Let come to boil.

You can buy the walnuts to make the nut rolls at your favorite grocery store. You can buy the walnuts that haves already been shelled that are already in 1Lb bags to be chopped up and ready to be used for the filling for these nut rolls, Also you can get allot of these ingredients fresh at the local market or grocery store were you shop. My mother would go to local speciality grocery stores that would sell old fashion butter she would buy only the best ingredients to make these nut rolls. Because these nut rolls was for special occasions and she used only the best ingredients to make them like local farm fresh eggs, Amish butter, farm fresh milk from local farmers in the area. The Honey that my mother used was brought local from local beekeepers who would sell their honey. My mother would buy clover honey to make these nut rolls. She also went to her local grocery store and brought a 5 Lb Bag of King Arthur Flour because she believed in having the best ingredients in her holiday baked goods for her family and friends.


4 eggs beaten

pinch of Salt

cook till thick

The nut filling can be made the Day before.

Roll out dough with rolling pin and spread filling on rolls and after you have the filling cover over the dough start to roll up each of the nut roll doughs and place each finish roll on the cookie sheet to bake in oven.

let stand 20 or 25 minutes then bake.

I hope you try this recipe that my Grandmother Clara and my mother Jean made during the holidays season. You can make these nut rolls for family or to give as gifts for friends.You can serve these nut rolls to your friends and family and be happy that you enjoyed serving a classic dessert that you make from scratch. This nut roll recipe haves been in the family of my mothers. My grandmother made this kind of nut rolls for many years. Her mother my great grandmother Sarah would also make these nut rolls for us and friends that she knew to. So this seasonal recipe of making homemade nut rolls. Were enjoyed by many generations of my family over mostly a century of family baking with my mother her mother and her grandmother making these homemake nut rolls for the entire family and a large group of friends. I know that there are at lease 3 generations of my mother's family that made these nut rolls for are family. This is like a history of food that was made by 3 generations of my family. These are great nutrolls to make with your entire family so if you want to have fun with you and your family try these nutrolls and have fun baking together with your family or friend then enjoy eating them.

I would like you to try making these old fashion nutrolls and let me know if you and your family and friends like them?

Have fun Baking!

Gardener Den

© 2008 Dennis Hoyman


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    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 3 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania

      Thank You ardhendudey. Let me know if you try them and like them? Garedener Den

    • ardhendudey profile image

      Ardhendu Dey 3 years ago from Jamshedpur

      Looks very yummy and delicious. Will definitely try to prepare the nutrolls following the recipe.

    • Barbie-Perkins profile image

      Barbie-Perkins 9 years ago from Cincinnati, OH

      Gardener Den, Sounds Delicious. Thanks for sharing.

      Have a Wonderful Christmas!  ~ Barbie Perkins