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How To Make Your Own Vegetable Chips, Crisps in Your Microwave

Updated on April 5, 2013
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How to make vegetable chips - crisps

Why not challenge yourself to the task of learning how to make vegetable chips?

We all love potato chips, and they come in various different shapes and sizes with just as many different flavors. There is barbecue, salt and vinegar, sour cream and chives, teriyaki, plain salted, and even unsalted. The list goes on and on. Chips can even be deep fried and served hot, like the ones you can get from your local fish and chip shop. Everyone loves those!

Whatever the kind of chip, they are all great to eat and everyone knows that life just would not be the same without them. That is why everyone should know how to make their own chips (crisps), especially if you have kids of your own. Vegetable crisps are the best snack for your kids, my kids love them, so why not make your own healthy vegetable crisps.

All you need to make your own vegetable crisps is a 'microwave', a large ceramic microwave safe plate, some baking paper (cookie sheet) and lots of vegies. I have found that the common garden varieties are best. lol

I like to use potatoes, otherwise known as 'spuds', sweet potatoes (yams), and pumpkin simply because with these, I seem to be able to get the best results. I have tried to make carrot chips in the past, but they went black long before they turning crispy and didn't really do much for my taste buds when I tried to eat them.

Anyway, what you need to do is wash your vegies thoroughly and peel them. (I generally just spend more time washing them and leave the skin on). After washing you need to slice them into slices of about 2 - 3mm thick. (Easier said than done if you are using a knife and/or a beginner). That is why I recommend using a vegetable slicer (if you have one). If you don't have one, then you will have to use a knife. Please remember to take your time and be careful.

Once you have enough sliced to make a single thin layer on your plate, you are ready to start cooking them. I recommended that you use a cookie sheet, because they will stick to the plate. However, if you don't have any cookie sheets (baking paper) you can use oil. A light, natural vegetable oil is best.

Now, before cooking your crisps you will have to set your microwave on the lowest watt setting that it has. The lowest on my microwave is 600W, so that's what I use. They cook pretty quickly, but you are not just cooking them, you are dehydrating them as well.

The thickness of your crisps will be the determining factor when deciding how long they will take to cook. 2 minutes is a pretty good place to start, but I recommend that you watch the first few batches very closely. You don't want to burn them. It is likely that they will take more or less time to cook. Just watch and learn! Your crisps will also brown a little, so just cook them long enough to become crispy, then move on to the next batch.

These crisps are an awesome snack for your kids, not to mention healthy. I make them for my kids at least once a week, and they are consumed faster than I am able to make them. They absolutely love them!

One of the best parts about making your own crisps (or any other snack) for your kids, is being able to control what your kids are eating. You don't have to use salt or oil, I don't use them and these crisps are bursting with flavor.

Why not get your vegie slicers out today and make some healthy vegetable crisps for your kids. They will be glad if you do.

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    • StephanieBCrosby profile image

      Stephanie Bradberry 

      5 years ago from New Jersey

      This is very interesting. Yet another use for the all mighty microwave. I think I will give this a shot.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      5 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      Hurray! I did it! Neither my microwave nor the instruction book says anywhere I can see how many watts it uses. After a little experimenting with power levels and time, I learned that 4 minutes or slightly more at full power works best for me. I'm glad and thankful to be able to make my own crispy potato and sweet potato chips. Up, Useful, Interesting, and shared with followers and on social networking sites.

    • betherann profile image

      Beth Morey 

      8 years ago from Montana


    • theherbivorehippi profile image


      8 years ago from Holly, MI

      I love this hub!! This is how I make sweet potato snacks for my dogs!! (and for me) Fabulous job!


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