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How to make yogurt Spanish conversation

Updated on April 7, 2016

Materials and tools:

-Sweetened condensed milk: 1 cans

-Yogurt: 1 VAT (used to make milk jugs for the other men about to make)

-Spain: 2-3 branches (selection of decent conversation branch a big and thick. You can buy Spanish conversation in the supermarket or market)

-Boot: boot with the amount of milk has prepared
How to do:

Step 1: first, you open the cans of condensed milk and pour into pot. Use of water coated the baby milk. Then add water, sugar with just enough into the boiler until the mixture begins to froth.

Step 2: Spanish conversation after the purchase of the entire Peel the outer crust. To preliminary Spanish conversation from being bitter and nasty smells, you can mix 1 ca dilute salt water with a little lemon juice. Avoid too much lemon and salt. After the peel and cut into pieces, conversation Spanish you rubbing your hand lightly the passionate Spanish pieces together in brass are dilute salt solutions and lemon to Spanish conversation out less plastic. Next up, you clean the Spanish conversation with cold water and let the real drain.

Once drained, you diced Spanish part conversation on it. When the mixture is condensed milk-sugar-water begins to foam, appearing for nha into the boiling heat, then turn off the stove to cool to about 40-45 degrees Celsius for milk jugs do men (bait) to stir.

Step 3: after mixture condensed milk-sugar-Spanish conversation-this cold water to the proper temperature, then pouring into the VAT already prepared, then incubated for about 6-8 hours is going to be used.

I wish you success with doing decent yogurt and extreme flexibility this delicious extreme passion.


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