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How to prepare and make a Great Raspberry Flute - with UV Blue and Triple Sec

Updated on August 15, 2012
5 stars from 2 ratings of Great Raspberry Flute


Well I was on a Jagermeister spree tonight, but I decided to switch things up and give you a DELICIOUS concoction called the Great Raspberry Flute. This is actually something that someone ordered one night where I work, and thank god they had known the recipe themselves or I would NOT have been able to make it. I believe it is a fairly recent recipe, and a newer thing, but also can be found on various websites, and is gaining much popularity.

The main ingredients in this recipe is UV blue vodka. UV blue vodka is a blue raspberry vodka which is very sweet, made popular by the younger crowd, but is a great addition to drinks not only for its taste but its blue color. It is great to make that drink look truly Hawaiian without adding one of many food colorings, or color additives.

The other main ingredient is Triple Sec. For my guides I use Hiram Walker Triple sec simply because it is very cheap, and gets the job done. Now if you go to any liquor store it will be about the same price as any other triple sec, or blue curacao, BUT!!! If you go to BJ's you can buy a 1 liter bottle of Triple Sec for $4.99. YES 5 dollars. And think of all the great drinks you will be able to make with that, from this one, to Kamikazes, lime bite squeeze (both drinks I have hubs for ), and many other popular bar drinks. So this is truly a great way for you to get what you need to make this drink at a very cost effective price.

Overall this drink does taste great. It has hints of that Blue Raspberry, and orange flavors that will leave your taste buds wanting more. You will not be disappointed by this drink, and is great for all occasions. Whether you are having a cookout, or a beach day, going to a bar, out for dinner, or just plain need something to start the party, this drink will not disappoint you or your friends.

So now lets get to that recipe!

Before | Source
Completed Great Raspberry Flute
Completed Great Raspberry Flute | Source

Ingredients Based on 6 ounce Martini Glass

  • 4 ounces UV Blue
  • 2 Ounces Triple Sec
  • Splash Lime juice
  1. Okay, so as usual the glass. While you can use any glass to make this drink. your final product should go into Martini glass. That is what the original recipe calls for, and also because this is a fairly potent drink this will prevent you from getting too intoxicated from these.
  2. Next you need to prepare your shaker. Take you shaker/ mixing cup and fill with ice. Also keep in mind that the standard martini glass is 6 ounces, so your measurements will be based on that, but at the end I will talk about what the way to measure if you are using a different size glass.
  3. Okay Now add the Triple Sec, and UV blue vodka to the shaker/ mixing cup.
  4. Now shake these two ingredients. Then add the lime juice. Do not add more than about a table spoon of lime juice, although just squirting in is fine, you do not need to measure the lime juice.
  5. Now re-shake with the added lime juice, until the contents are cold.
  6. Now pour your contents into a martini glass.
  7. Now you can enjoy your Great Raspberry Flute. Below is how to measure for a different size glass.
  8. When you are creating this drink, the standard size glass is 6 ounces. Although not all glasses are this size, so don't freak out is you have a 5 ounce martini glass, or the 10 ounce big dog martini glasses. In that case just remember 2 parts UV Blue vodka for every 1 Part triple sec. So if you add 5 shots of UV Blue, then add 2.5 shots of Triple sec and so on.
  9. Remember that this drink is pretty potent, and you should drink responsibly. Know your limits, and remember to comment to let me know what you think of this drink, thanks for reading.


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