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How to save money on recipes

Updated on October 20, 2010

How to save money on recipes


Who doesn't like to collect recipes? Maybe you already have a bunch of cookbooks, or you are tempted to buy cooking magazines when you go to the grocery store. Constantly purchasing cookbook after cookbook can get expensive, but did you know that there are ways you can save on getting new recipes? I am going to show you how to save on recipes!

Used Book Stores

One of my favorite places to collect cookbooks is a used bookstore, near where I live, we have a lot of Half Price Books nearby. When a cookbook is very popular guess what, they get dozens in, fairly close to release date, and you aren't paying full price anymore. If they have too many of a particular book, you can get the book for even less than half price. I have found local used book stores to cost even less.


Don't forget about your local library. They have large supplies of cookbooks, and cookbook magazines. What I really like about libraries is that if your local library doesn't have the book, it may be able to send you the book via an book loan. Libraries loan each other books all of the times. My local library, raises money by selling magazines for 25 cents, I can't tell you how many cooking magazines I have picked up there over the years.


There is an incredible amount of web sites about food and cooking online. If you want a particular subject, guess what, it is out there. I have created many binders full of recipes that I have prepared over the years, and I have cooked from them. Now there are a variety of cooking websites out there, there are magazines like bon appetit that have websites, personal food blogs, and food companies like Kraft, take advantage of their recipe websites.

Good Old Fashioned Recipe exchange

Have you ever considered having an evening where you and your friends exchange the best of your recipes with each other?  The best recipes come from personal exchanges, and swapping recipes is something a lot of people have done to build up their personal recipe collections.  Don't be shy, and don't hoard your best recipes, share them with your friends and family.

Create your own collection

You can buy an inexpensive binder, or even index cards to place your recipes into and you can build your own personal collection of recipes. I like to place my recipes in binders because I can write personal notes about my recipes, and thoughts to make a recipe even better.

So you can see you don't have to go out and buy an expensive cookbook, you save money on your cookbooks in a variety of ways. You can purchase used cookbooks, visit websites, or even make your own binder full of recipes you really enjoy. One thing is for certain if you put these ideas together, you can really save money on collecting new recipes that you and your family will enjoy.


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