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How to make coffee. (Standard Coffee Pot or French Press)

Updated on June 26, 2014
How To Make Coffee
How To Make Coffee

The Standard Coffee Pot:

First of all, you want to make sure that the coffee pot is clean.

You'll be needing a coffee filter and your favorite brew of choice (ground beans).

Place the coffee filter into the brewing basket on your coffee pot and add your coffee grounds. A general guideline to go by is about 2 tablespoons per cup but you can adjust to your preference by adding more grounds for stronger coffee, or less for lighter coffee.

Next, fill the reservoir on your coffee pot with water, to the desired capacity. It's easier to use the carafe (the actual coffee pot) as a measuring cup since most have the measurements on the side.

When that's done, you're ready to turn the coffee pot on! It takes about a few minutes, but is done when you begin to hear a bubbling sound. Now pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

How To Make Coffee (French Press)
How To Make Coffee (French Press)

The French Press:

If you are using a french press (also called a press pot), you will coffee grounds and a kettle. The coarser the grind, the bolder your coffee will taste.

While the kettle is boiling (or any other means to bring water to a boil), add the coffee straight into the carafe. A guideline for french press is one tablespoon for every cup of water. When your water is boiled, pour it into the carafe, over your ground coffee. You'll want to leave about an inch from the top, so careful not to fill it all the way. This gives you room to place the lid on the carafe.

Wait about four minutes, and when the four minutes is up, gentle press the plunger down on the lid. The grounds will be filtered, so it cannot brew any further. And there you have it! Add cream and sugar to taste.


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