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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Updated on November 11, 2010

Whether you are holding a baby shower for your friend or attending one, you might want to have that good ole' diaper cake as your present and even a centerpiece for the party. All you need is some creativity and you won’t have to spend much for commercial diaper cakes. Here’s a thorough review on how to make your own diaper cake.

What you need:
Diapers (depends on how big you make it)
Small rubber bands (for rolled diapers)
Large rubber bands
One 8-oz baby bottle or one large bottle of baby lotion
A cardboard or plastic cake platter
Cake decorations or Baby Items

1. Choose the diapers to use. For a baby shower, you might want to ask the expectant mother of the expected weight of the baby if you want newborn sized diapers as present for them but buying larger diapers is always better. You may combine newborn and larger sizes if you’re planning to build more tiers for the cake because babies grow quickly and you don’t want to get any of those to waste.

2. Roll the diapers. Unfold each diaper and roll them in a way that you start from the open end. If the diapers contain designs than you can try hiding them if it doesn’t fit the theme but you may opt to make use of its design as you like. Tie a rolled diaper with the rubber band and do the same with all the others.

3. Make your first tier. Use the bottle of lotion or a large baby bottle as the base or foundation of your diaper cake. Put a rubber band on it and while stretching the rubber band out put some of the rolled diapers around the bottle. Add as many diapers as you want for the first tier of your cake as long as the bottle remains unseen. Make sure it fits your cardboard or
cake platter.

4. Continue layering your cake. Repeat the step to make the next tiers. Just like other tiered cakes, the first should have the largest area, making the next tiers smaller than the preceded tier.

5. Decorate your cake. Now that you’ve prepared the tiered cake, you need to use your creativity and imagination to decorate it. You can wrap each round of tier with the cloth or wide ribbon; stuff it up with baby toys, baby bottles, and other baby items that match the theme; or top it of with cute items to fully accent the cake.


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