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Hydroponic technology gives fodder in few days.

Updated on August 11, 2016

Fodder in six days


Increased fodder production at no extra cost.

Hydroponic farming is an answer to farmers in search of methods to increase production with no or little increase in costs of production. Farmers are always looking for ways to make farming more profitable. Hydroponic technology produces fodder in absence of soil. Fodder ordinarily takes a long time to grow and therefore the six days it takes for producing fodder by use of hydroponic technology interests many farmers. In day one, seeds of sim sim, sorghum, rice or barley, in trays will swell and burst in day two. Day three sees roots formed followed by shoots in day four which continue to grow. The fodder is ready for use on the seventh day. Aluminium trays are preferred to polythene which risks aflatoxin-contamination and mold, or iron which rusts in contact with water.

History of hydroponic technology.

hydroponic technology was practiced in the following ancient civilizations?

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