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I Am Allergic to Wheat and Gluten, Now What?

Updated on June 8, 2011

Having a wheat and gluten allergy is not the end of the world. But, where do you begin? I recently found out that I had a wheat and gluten allergy at a very busy time in my life. I did not have a lot of time to research, so I had to give myself a crash course in learning to stay away from wheat and gluten and still be able to enjoy food. The good thing is, I felt so much better after a few days of not eating it, it was not even a question of eating it again. I do miss a lot of the foods, but not enough to eat them.

They have a lot of wheat/gluten free foods. I started by checking my local grocery stores. They had enough of a variety to get me going. The frozen section in certain stores usually mark the gluten free items really well. The items I have found that are really good are macaroni and cheese, baguette bread, it comes frozen with two loafs (wonderful), wraps, waffles, raviolis (my favorite-I missed this the most), pierogies, stuff shells, sweet potato and broccoli pancakes, and cupcakes. The one thing I have not found yet and miss is mozzarella sticks! They have many loafs of regular sliced frozen breads, but I have not found a favorite yet. They have many frozen pizzas and pizza crusts, they are all good, not like regular pizza, but they will do.

As for non frozen goods, I have found great cookies, ginger snaps, a carmel cookie to die for, chocolate sandwich cookies, great cake mixes, flour for pancakes and bread mixes. They also have many cereals, granola bars, cheese doodles, chips, and pretzels.

Watch your lunch meats, gravies, candy, ice cream, as many do have wheat or gluten fillers, but many do not, so check the labels and you can still enjoy these foods.

When going to a restaurant, ask your waiter if they have a gluten free menu, many of them do. If they do not, stick with a meat and veggie dish with no gravy and whole potatoes. I have even found a local restaurant in a small town that has a wheat/gluten free pizza on their menu, I just tried it and it was good. It was nice to be able to walk in and order a pizza that I could eat again.

Pasta-I was so worried. I have found many pastas that I can eat. It seems that the pastas that are made with mixed flours, soy, rice, potatoes, or a protein source seem to be the most comparable to wheat pasta. With a great sauce you do not even know the difference.

Fruits and Vegtables, we love them, they are naturally wheat/gluten free!!!

The cost of the items that you purchase are more expensive, but you will be buying less of your regular groceries for your family, as you will not be eating them.

Well for all of my fellow wheat/gluten free friends, it is not the end of good eating, it is just altering the foods we buy and the benefits of feeling better are well worth it.


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