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Updated on September 23, 2010

I was in a local In N Out hamburger fast food recently. Lots of hustle going on. The Number 3 on the limited menu is around $5. I love their food.

A new one is opening up in Santa Rosa, CA. They had over 400 applicants for the 160 employees they were going to hire. The management had already been hired or shifted. The Manager can make 120K a year-not shabby for hamburgers. Yet, everyone else starts at $10 and hour, today's new minimum wage. In 1985, it was $4. The applicants ranged mostly in the 20-30 yr age group BUT there were many in the 40-55 yr, and a even a few at 70! The one man who was 70 was retired, a teacher all his adult life, said he wanted to learn their business method.

First, age discrimination-have you ever, ever seen anyone at any In N Out that was over 40 yrs? 35 yrs? Of course, they will say it not so, but then, explain why there are none over 40 yrs, when there is clear evidence there were many over 40 yrs applying? Sure, I am sure they are all not qualified to flip burgers, make fires, operate a cashier. That company is just waiting to be hit with such a lawsuit.

What is their break even point? Well, if all 35 employees earn $10 hr x 8 hrs. That comes to $3,500 a day in wages for two shifts, each with 15. Excluding supplies, food costs, using the $5 a meal, just to break even on a daily basis is selling a minimum of 700 $5 meals. There seems to be between 12-15 workers on each shift.

That is a lot of hamburger and fries to sell every day. 


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