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Iced Coffee Tips and Info

Updated on March 10, 2013

Why drink iced coffee

In this day and age, revolutionary and innovative ideas are popping up one after another. Different inventions and concepts are appearing in different industries which usually include the computer, telephony, food, and beverage field.

This post will focus mainly on the coffee industry – specifically iced coffees tips like how to make a great tasting cup of this delicious cold beverage. Coffee can be enjoyed either hot or cold. In fact for the last couple of years, iced coffee's popularity has significantly increased with the emergence of Starbucks – a popular coffee shop. One could even say that the appearance of Starbucks and other similar coffee house has paved the way for the curiosity and interest of the general public regarding this particular drink. Different types and variety of coffee has become a common term – latte, Frappuccino, cappuccino, espresso, etc...

Iced Coffee Tips -

There are many ways on how to prepare an excellent cold coffee. Some would suggest brewing the coffee strong since it can easily be remedied with the addition of water, cream, sugar, or any other flavored additives. Others, like the ones done in coffee shops, would steep the coffee grounds in cold water for long hours. Once done, the concentrated output will be diluted in water.

Needless to say, depending on the person's taste preference, there are numerous variations and ways on how to cold brew a coffee. One has to consider the amount of milk, cream, and water to be added. Additionally, an important thing to remember about cold brewed coffee is that much of its acidity is lost during the brewing process. For those who are not aware, a coffee with low acidity naturally follows that the taste is also less.

But is there any easy way on how to make an awesome ice coffee without all the hassles? Obviously, there are readers who do not have the patience or interest but would still want a great tasting cup of ice coffee. For such readers, a Keurig single coffee maker is the answer.

A lot of people may already know it, but for those who don’t, Keurig single cup coffee machines are a convenient way to make a premium cup of quality coffee at home. Keurig single serve coffee machines are relatively easy to use and utilizes a special pre-prepared coffee grounds with just the right amount to brew a single cup of high quality coffee. Because of this, one can expect that the single cup coffee maker will always produce what is expected of it – a sophisticated cup of coffee.

There are hundreds of K-Cup portion packs available. From Hazelnut, spicy pumpkin spice, to dark roast type of coffee. There are even portion pack varieties that are specifically marked to make great iced coffee. Simply put, using the Keurig coffee brewer with the particular K-Cups, one can expect that it will produce an awesome iced coffee.

That’s just about it. Enjoy that great tasting cup of ice coffee.


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    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 4 years ago

      Hi Penlady,

      Thank you for visiting, commenting, and for the vote :) As for me, I like coffee hot or cold and also drinks twice a day. Though nowadays I try to limit it only in the morning.

      Thanks again :)

    • penlady profile image

      penlady 4 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      I love coffee - though I confess I prefer it hot. I can't function through the day without it. On some days, I have two cups: one in the morning, the other at night (when I'm up working late).

      Interesting article. Voted up and interesting. Thanks for sharing.