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Ideas For Christmas Leftovers

Updated on January 12, 2015

After church Sunday I came home hungry, I went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge, all of a sudden I was not hungry anymore because my fridge was full with leftovers from Christmas. It was three days after Christmas and I had eaten the same thing for three days now. I was hungry for something different. Luckily my genius husband suggested we make a salad with our leftovers. But that's not all, you can make turkey soup, ham fried rice, it's all a matter of being creative. For lunch that day we ate what turned out to be the best salad ever and you can make one too; it's very simple.

What you will need

lettuce or baby Spinach


Cherry tomatoes


Shredded cheese


This is a very customize salad. There's no recipe to follow, no need to go out and buy anything; use what you already have. Just take everything out the fridge and mix it up in one large bowl. I brought everything in bulk for my Christmas meals, so I had a lot of food leftover. Starting with the basics, I had baby spinach, kale, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

For Christmas Eve dinner I made turkey burgers and had some extra ground turkey left to add to my salad. A bowl of chick peas which was part of my Christmas Eve meal was also added to my salad. I had ham from Christmas morning breakfast, sliced turkey, eggs and shredded cheese. My salad was perfect but was missing something sweet so I decided to rumble through my son's snack where I found raisins, add a little salt and pepper and dressing of your choice.

I have a very picky eater on my hands who especially does not like vegetables, so I wasn't sure what to feed him that day. He had strike-out on the Christmas food; but he did not recognize them mixed in with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. I placed a bowl on his tray and he picked his way through that salad until it was all gone.

To my surprised the salad was full of favor and each ingredient blended well with the other. without having to spend more money on food, we had created something different to eat that day. It was so good I had two bowls and my husband who can usually eat an entire cow in one meal had three. So the next time you have so much food leftover and you are tired of eating the same thing; mix it all together in one big bowl and create a supper salad.


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      Georgina 3 years ago

      nice idea..