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Ideas for Feeding a 9 Month Old Baby

Updated on April 29, 2015

Introducing table foods to your 9 month old is an important transition in your baby's nutrition and experience in eating. this transitions can be challenging if your baby is a picky eater. Through this process your 9 month old should continue on breast milk or formula to ensure she is getting the proper nutrients.

Mixing Foods

Mixing pureed food s with soft table foods helps with a smooth transition. You know your baby so a good way to start this process is to pick your baby's favorite purred food and mix it in with a soft table food like cooked noodles, mashed potatoes or small pieces of pancake. Keep a close eye on your baby as choking can occur during this stage of eating.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are an important transition food for 9month old babies. Soft food like cheese, fruit and bread items are all ideal for this introduction. Be sure to cut them up in small pieces that are easily handled, chewed and swallowed. Many baby food companies offer finger foods to be purchased and are very convenient for busy families.

Portion Sizes

Allow your 9 month old to eat at her own pace and keep portions to between 2 tablespoons and 1/4 cup. All babies are different when it comes to portion size and time to eat so be patient if needed and never force your baby to eat. Growth spurts can cause your baby to eat more one week and less the next. This is a natural process that you should not be too concerned with.


Just like when your baby first started on pureed food you will want to introduce them to one new food at a time so you can take note of any allergies or reactions. Offer a large variety of finger and table food to your baby one at a time. You will soon learn what your 9 month old prefers.


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