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Ideas for displays at a farmer's market

Updated on August 23, 2012

Farm markets provide income for sellers and a fun way for customers to find the produce they need. One concept of these markets is how the produce is best displayed. Creative displays result in better sales plus customers enjoy shopping more when they find the produce eye catching and pleasing. Making sure the produce is as fresh as possible is very important but beyond that using displays to draw customers in is the next challenge.


Use a variety of containers for displaying produce. Bushel baskets are a natural favorite, but basket after basket lined up in rows create a boring visual. Instead when using baskets, use different sizes and shapes. Cascade them down a wall with the backs attached to a wall with one or two larger items in each such as pumpkins or gourds. Or tip them on their sides with fruits spilling out on the counter. For example a fruit display might include a basket full of cherries spilled on its side. The cherries fill the basket and part of the counter. Place a border around the cherries with another fruit such as individual red apples to keep the cherries from falling off the counter. Think outside the basket as well by using other containers. Choices include toy wagons, buckets or crates and bins of all sizes just to name a few.


Create a show display masterpiece. A stand-alone arbor offers the base for an arch of grapes. Tie the grapes to the arch with twine. Keep in mind these will mostly be for showplace tables beside the arch full of containers of the grapes for sale. Use a tilt board on a table to create a waterfall of apples. A tilt board is a slanted board that can be set at a preferred height above the table it rests on. Decorate among the apples with fall leaves.

Size of Display

The best displays are usually a mix of sizes and shape. Placement of displays should be moved routinely to a new location on the floor. This encourages customers to be drawn by eye first to an attractive display. Changing placements routinely will lead them through different areas of the market to reach the preferred items, which results in impulse buys of other fruits and vegetables.


Sometimes a customer wants to try a new vegetable or fruit but feel intimidated by lack of knowledge about it. Add touches to your produce displays that offer information that helps make the product easier to try to use. A couple of ideas would be colorful recipe cards scattered around the display with recipes for the produce included in the display or an employee ready with samples and tips about the product. Allowing customers to taste the produce from the displays sells more product.


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