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If It's Not One Thing It's Another (part 2)

Updated on April 8, 2015

I read that green tea doesn't help weight loss, WHAT THA &*%!

What really gets me going is when the know it all's of the workout world, workout for two weeks and get a six pack the next then post to the world about how you can achieve the same weight loss with diet and exercise, and they have never ever had more then a pound and a half to lose their entire life. REALLY! You skinny boney toothpicks don't know my struggles of over the years weight gain.

Some times it takes a hot cup of tea to get you to a relaxed balanced state of mind to be able to do a sit up or crunch. I'm not knocking exercise or the right eating habits because they go hand and hand to a balanced body. BUT!

I think these small frames with the six packs should have a little more compassion on the heavy weights and back off a bit so we can catch up. Let us drink the tea for goodness sake not everybody's struggle is the same, some of us need a little more help then others. Lighten up (yeah I'm talking to you). Next week people I'm going to talk about the junk in my pantry that helped to form the junk in my trunk. If you feel like this join in and if you got something to say then do it.


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