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Improve livestock herd by selective breeding, crossbreeding and AI.

Updated on August 12, 2016

Artificial Insemination.


Adele- Rolling in the deep

Crossbreeding, selective breeding ,and AI.

In improved breeding, the cattle undergo some form of genetic improvement. This can be through crossbreeding or selective breeding to enhance productivity and performance. In Genesis 30:41-43 Jacob exercised this technic to improve and increase his herd. A farmer can increase the rate of genetic improvement in their herds by employing Artificial Insemination technic. The success of AI however, depends on how fully the farmer understands it. Keep reproductive records of individual animals. You must be able to know the signs to check out for to detect that your animal is on heat as this is the best time to apply Artificial Insemination to it. This can be made easier if you maintained records that include length of heat and time between heat periods, for individual animals. Depending on freelance livestock officers for AI services is not advisable because some of these are not experts in the trade. Livestock experts associated with your government and local Dairy Cooperative Society would be the best bet for satisfactory results. You also need to give your livestock adequate quality fodder. Napier grass, Lucerne and Rhodes grass are some favourite fodder to most dairy farmers.



Physiology of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination of Cattle

Improving your livestock breed.

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Rhodes grass


Paddan Aram.


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