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In Praise of a Local Tearoom

Updated on July 11, 2012

Take Time for Tea

I’ve just returned from La Tea Da tearoom in Tillamook, OR where I had a marvelous time. If you live near or are travelling through Tillamook, OR, I must recommend you stop in at La Tea Da. Owned by two enterprising ladies, La tea Da is an English-style tearoom located in downtown Tillamook. There is also a slight French influence, seen in the ‘Prix Fixe’ header on the menu and the availability of French press coffee.

My friend and I opted for High Tea, which was the most expensive option under the ‘Prix Fixe’ heading. It was well worth the price, costing no more than dinner at a decent restaurant (just over $22/person). Our La Tea Da High Tea included a pot of loose-leaf tea and a three-tiered tray of delectable treats for each of us. As is only proper for a high tea, there were several types of tea sandwiches (the selection of which varies on a daily basis), two kinds of scones with Devonshire cream, and of course, a variety of tiny desserts. Surprisingly, there was enough food leftover from our repast to save some for later.

The tea room itself is decorated in a neo-Victorian style. Floral motifs abound and are blended in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the spirit. The tea room was pretty busy while we were there, as one group had chosen that location to have a bridal shower. Even so, it was possible to maintain a conversation without shouting. The Classical/instrumental music playing softly in the background added to the relaxing atmosphere.

As a companion to the tea room, La Tea Da includes a gift shop, serving all your tea-related retail needs. In addition to exquisite tea sets in many styles, the gift shop sells tea, jewelry, handbags, accent pillows, and sundry other curios.

Besides the scrumptious food and enjoyable atmosphere, I was impressed with the large selection of loose-leaf teas on the menu and for sale in the shop. The friendly and attentive service my friend and I received was also commendable. Altogether, La Tea Da lived up to expectations of an English-style tea room and I would certainly visit the shop again.


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    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Well written. Your write-up prompted me to visit their website. Thanks.