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India A Perfect Destination For Foodies Of The World!

Updated on July 1, 2015

The Indian culture is rich and diverse and can be described as an amalgamation of thousands of outside influences. India has welcomed new religions and ethnicities with open arms and the nation we have today stands testimony to the harmonious co-existence. There are many influences from the traveling Aryan and Mongolian people who came to India thousands of years ago and each brought with them a unique style of managing daily routines.

Indian Culture
Indian Culture | Source

The most important influence took place in the area of food. Traveling soldiers and foot men were accompanied by the local cooks because the royalty wanted to feel at home. The cooks had to improvise their cooking and choose from whatever local ingredients were available at hand and still deliver an authentic meal to the kings and the queens. This lead to new cuisines every time an outsider party visited India.

Indian Cuisines
Indian Cuisines | Source

Meal Times India Were Considered To Be Holy!

The Indians realized how much food impacted the daily lifestyle of a human being. The wise elders and the sages recognized which ingredients helped in shaping a healthier future for a human body. This is the reason why Indian food is flavored with various spices and herbs like ginger, garlic, basil etc.

The Indians also evaluated the food based on three major factors, the flavor, the taste and the visual appeal. All these factors were important too because Indians believed that they bought the real satisfaction to a person. The smell of meat was masked with the abundantly available herbs and spices which enhanced the taste of the meat and the dishes came together like symphony in the mouth.

The Variety Of Dishes Available In Indian Cuisine Is Like No Other!

The present scenario in India remains the same when it comes to the use of spices, choice of desserts and meal time ethics. Due to the change of times, a few variations have been made and delectable food is not restricted to the royalty. The crowd opinion is often taken to make restaurants and food joints successful.

One very versatile dish which can be cited as an example is the Gobi Manchurian. The dish was originally inspired from Asian cuisine but the local flavors are added to it. In southern India one might find the flavor of curry leaves masking the dish along with dry chilies. The northern Indian flavors are a tad mellow and mild with an added sweetness. Often the soy sauce flavor differs from place to place and each new eatery offers a delicious new experience.

Gobi Manchurian
Gobi Manchurian | Source

There are also many dishes which are kept authentic like the Ragi balls from Karnataka which is served with spicy mutton curry flavored with coconut. Tamil Nadu has the famous Chettinad cuisine to its name and offers delicious local flavors often accompanied with rice. The Malabar cuisine from Kerala is abundant with the locally harvested spices from the thick lush green forests and the dishes here are a feast to all the senses. The Andhra cuisine sees heavy use of chilies in everything and the flavors are blissfully pungent and take the eater on an adventurous ride. All these south Indian states are blessed with coastal areas and the locals widely use the fresh produce from the sea.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ragi balls(mudde) from Karnataka with spicy Mutton Curry flavored with coconutTamil Nadu Chettinad Non vegetarian cuisine By Ask27 [CC-BY-3.0-BR (], via Wikimedia CommonsMalabar Cuisine from KeralaAndhra Chicken Chiilies Fry
Ragi balls(mudde) from Karnataka with spicy Mutton Curry flavored with coconut
Ragi balls(mudde) from Karnataka with spicy Mutton Curry flavored with coconut | Source
Tamil Nadu Chettinad Non vegetarian cuisine By Ask27 [CC-BY-3.0-BR (], via Wikimedia Commons
Tamil Nadu Chettinad Non vegetarian cuisine By Ask27 [CC-BY-3.0-BR (], via Wikimedia Commons
Malabar Cuisine from Kerala
Malabar Cuisine from Kerala | Source
Andhra Chicken Chiilies Fry
Andhra Chicken Chiilies Fry | Source

The north Indian States are further more diverse because they are more in number. The Roti or the flat bread from this region is cooked in clay pots and there is smokiness to the flavors. The curries are not very pungent but are loaded with spices like their southern counterparts. The local ingredients are made full use of and the locals do justice to the meals by adding a generous amount of butter or ghee in their food. There are many influences of central Asia in the northern cuisine.

North Indian Makki Ki Roti & Sarson Ka saag
North Indian Makki Ki Roti & Sarson Ka saag | Source

The East Indian cuisine is very different from the rest of India, with Bengal being the major donator. The flavors here are more Asian and not too spicy. A single ingredient like ginger is taken and highlighted in the dish. The flavors are clean and make a very refreshing meal. The desserts of this region are celebrated throughout India and some of the most famous are the Rasgulla and Mishti Dhoi. The bases to most of the desserts here is milk and richness of the dairy products shine through and effectively end the meal.

Bengali Rasgulla
Bengali Rasgulla | Source
Cool Mishti Doi of Kolkata By Kirti Poddar [CC-BY-2.0-BR (], via Wikimedia Commons
Cool Mishti Doi of Kolkata By Kirti Poddar [CC-BY-2.0-BR (], via Wikimedia Commons

The western India consists mainly of Rajasthan and Gujarat, both which are drier areas with deserts. The food is hence made of dried vegetables like dehydrated carrots, beans and more. The spices which are added make the dishes exemplary and mask the fact that the produce is not fresh. The Rajasthani food consists vegetables like dried long beans. The Gujaratis are known for their sweet tooth and hence most of their dishes including the curries are on the sweeter side.

Rajasthani Thali
Rajasthani Thali | Source

The Diversity Increases The Deliciousness Of The Food!

One cannot easily draw boundaries on a map of India and say that a certain dish is restricted to a certain region only. Each individual is different and hence the food the individual prepares tends to be different too. The dishes taste different from village to village and one can only approximately tell which local ingredients are used in the area.

Each person adds his or her own personal touch and the number of complex factors make a meal turn into a delicious feast. The past and the present knowledge of using ingredients add to the dish with an intention to create a new experience of enjoyment while tasting it. Since there are so many contributing factors, Indian food is amazingly delicious with many varieties in both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian sections.

From appetizers to desserts a person traveling to India can never really aim to experience everything that India has to offer. Often when food travelers visit countries like France or Japan, they are guided to a place which offers the best food and there is no necessity to travel to various cities of the country to discover the flavors.

The story in India is entirely different because no one can sum up the flavors of this country by visiting a few places. The idea of traveling from place to place in search of authentic food can be very overwhelming in the terms of time, money and many other factors.

This is one the reasons why very few can be an expert in Indian food or boast about how they have experienced India on a plate. However, there are many excellent guides on the internet these days which guide a person into treating himself to the right places and hence reduce unnecessary efforts.

One can also make use of the many food applications where the users write reviews on the food they have tried in a certain place. This is a big help to any foodie who is traveling to a new area.

India Food Documentary - Indian Food Recipes


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