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Indian Patotoe Cakes (Aloo Tikee) with Chick Peas

Updated on February 26, 2013

Indian Snack (Known as Aloo Tikee)

This is served with tasty chick peas and yogurt

Method for the potatoes Cakes

About 4 to 5 potatoes

Prepare them as for mash. Add a hand full of peas (frozen)

Chop in some green chillies, grated ginger and jeera seeds and salt to taste

Add enough (judge for yourself) cornflour to bind the mash.

Form round ball and flatten the patotoe cakes.

Fry them in hot oil until golden brown.

(Either use my receipe for chick peas on my other hub or use this following to serve with the patotoe cakes)

Note the chick peas on my other hub is dry chick pea receipe or the following isĀ like a curry sauceĀ 

To Make chick peas

3 tins of chick peas (opened and drain)

Grind 2 onion plus a peice of ginger and one or two green chillies

when golden brown add l tin of tomotoes, half a tea spoon of Masala and haldee

Than add one and a half glass of water boil and cook. Than add l table spoon of mint and cook for a further few minutes.

Serve this on top of the Patotoe cakes topped with a table spoon of yogurt


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