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Indian Recipe Mungbean Pudla

Updated on May 6, 2011

Dada(Photo by Daughter)

Healthy Pudla(Pancake)

Mung Beans

Mung beans are one of the most favourite of pulses or legumes for the vegetarians not only in India but around the world to many people. It is reach with protein and when sprouted it produces vitamin C as well which is easily absorbed in the body.

Nutrition values:

In addition to being rich with protein it contains many other valuable vitamins and minerals like thiamine, folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and copper all of which are very essential for keeping the body healthy.

The folic acid or folate in mung bean helps the metabolism of proteins and the formation of red blood cells and so helps in the healing process of the body. Thiamine is useful for the proper functioning of the nervous system and also helps releasing energy from carbohydrades.

Therefore, when a person is very weak or bedridden with some illness and can’t digest solid foods easily, the doctors and Ayurvedic vaidyas recommend Mung Bean Soup for the sick person. This builds up energy in his body and hastens the recovery.

In addition to India, it is grown in many countries like China, Australia, Middle east, etc. In Australia there is a non-profit organization “Australian Mungbean Association” representing the mungbean growers in Australia. It does extensive research in developing good varieties of mungbean and encourages farmers to grow mungbean where possible instead of raising sheep or cattle because of its higher return per acre. The mungbean grown in Australia are larger in size in comparison to that grown in India and are also easy to cook even in heavy water. A vfew years back when the mung bean crop had failed, India had imported mungbeans from Australia.

Moong Beans Pudla

It is a great item to surprise and please your friends at your barbeque party. Food must not only taste delicious but it should be healthy as well. So from that point of view you will be serving a very healthy food to your friends and family.


1 cup Green Moong bean

6 pc black pepper

1 teaspoon Chili-ginger paste

1 teaspoon Sugar (Cancel this if anybody is diabetic)

1 teaspoon Eno powder

(Alternatively ¼ teaspoon Soda bicarbonate)

½ teaspoon Asafoetida

1 bunch Green coriander leaves(washed)

Oil for making Pudla


Soak green moong beans alongwith 6 black(or white) pepper for 4 to 5 hours.

Then grind to a fine paste in a grinder.

Add chili-ginger paste, sugar, asafoetida and salt to taste and mix well.

If you do not like chili hot then you may add only ginger paste.

For children you may not even add ginger, although ginger is very healthy and helps digestion.

Add one to one & half cup water and make thin batter.

Just before making pudla add eno powder or soda bicarb and leaves of coriander and mix well.


Heat the barbeque plate to medium high.

Just before making a pudla, every time wipe the plate with wet sponge or napkin.

Pour two tablespoon worth batter on the plate and spread it circularly as thin as you wish. Some people like the pudla thin and crispy and some like it thick.

Spread a teaspoon of oil all around pudla and turn gently to cook the other side.

For health conscious friends you can make without oil on a non-stick barbeque.


Serve it hot with red garlic chutney and yogurt.

You may use any cheese spread as accompaniment.

Children may want tomato sauce.

Everything goes, main fun is Pudla.

If you like it please leave a note it in the comment box and/or email me:

For Red Garlic Chutney :

For Pudla made of Cheakpeas flour:


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    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile image

      PRAVIN VAGHANI 7 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      I am sure you will like it whenever you make it. More such items coming soon. These will be all special varieties which will not be available in any restaurant. Thanks for reading my article.

    • profile image

      abdul 7 years ago

      Pudla sounds good. Will give it a try