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Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

Updated on May 7, 2011

Pravin Vaghani(Photo by Unusha Vaghani)

I Love My India
I Love My India

Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

Looking for a good Indian restaurant ?

We will help you very soon.

Melbournians love food. They are also very outgoing type and enjoy the outdoor life. Bar-B-Q on a sunny Sunday is the way to spend time with family and friends and have a good time. Beer is the popular drink at the BBQ’s. They love to experiment with new varities of food. Melbourne being a multicultural cosmopolitan, people from many countries live here and as such there are restaurants which cater many different types of foods.

Recipe Book

It is our intention to study the Indian restaurants in Melbourne and guide the people such that they can make an informed choice and enjoy real good, authentic and delicious Indian food. With the co-operation of such good Indian restaurants we also intend to prepare a recipe book which will help people to cook the food in their kitchen exactly the same way as the experienced chefs of these restaurants are cooking and enjoy that authentic food at home as well.


We are also negotiating with these restaurants to allow some discount to the purchasers of the first 200 recipe books, when they dine at these restaurants.

To register your interest for this recipe book please email us at

Enjoy Dining Out

For most families Fridays or Saturday evenings are for having dinner out. Most pubs and restaurants are full with customers on these days. Indian food is getting very popular. People are looking for new venues all the time. There are plenty to choose from. But how to know which one is good, better or worse and whether what they serve is authentic Indian enough.

Indian Food Popular

Indian food is getting very popular. As such Indian Restaurants are springing up all around like mushrooms on compost in a rainy season. Anyone who can cook some curries will declare himself as an experienced ‘chef from India’ and open a take away in food court or café or a restaurant. By and large, most Indian food outlets in Melbourne serve North Indian Food only. The menus are almost identical in names of items and description. Although the final product may differ from chef to chef.

Know What Is Authentic

Very few of Australians have ever visited India. There is no proper authority or critic to tell them about the quality or authenticity of the food of a restaurant. They are mostly driven by the advertisement and marketing of the restaurant in their selection. So they have no choice but to believe that what is being served is indeed a good Indian food. Some times after eating such un-Indian food several times, their mind is so tuned that if they are presented with real, authentic and good quality Indian food, they don’t even like it !

Often they settle down visiting restaurants within a certain distance from their residence and only occasionally venture to travel long distance to visit a good restaurant on the recommendation of a friend.

Studying Restaurants

If you are interested to enjoy good, authentic and delicious Indian food and wish to know more about our research, please enter your email ID with your name only, in the comment box below.(Your Email ID will be used only to communicate with you and will not be given to anybody else) 

Also please do mention the names of the restaurants you have visited and your opinion about the food and service there. If you wish us to include any restaurant in our study, you are welcome to mention it here.

Or you can directly contact us at:


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    • profile image

      omesh sehgal 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Pravin Patel 'Shashi, USA 7 years ago

      Love food, yes.

      I was alone for 16 years, none of the small or big restaurants of Bombay were left out. Enjoyed, but than enough is enough. Once married everthing cooked at home has became the norm of life. What we like to eat out is being prpared at home, for the reason onion and garlic is not in our diet. We have no problem if we have to eat out once in a while. By the way, most of the restaurants in New york & New Jersey serve food mow per the likings of the customers.

      We will be going China in Sepember this year, BUT Visting Austalia is on our agenda for the next year. Hopefuly, tour operator would take us to few restaurants in Melbourne per their schedule.

      I, in particular, is looking forward to see friends like you with the interest in our language and literature.

      My good wishes are with you in your PROJECT restaurants.