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Indian Spices that help you lose weight, spices warm body, Bird's eye chili, Indian green chili, avoid spices in summer

Updated on August 29, 2012
Bird's eye chilli in Kerala
Bird's eye chilli in Kerala

How spices help you lose weight – Spices warm body and help lose weight

Are you curious to know how spices help you lose weight? Eating spices would help you stimulate the metabolism happening in your body. Spices contribute to high metabolism rate. As the metabolism rate improves, more calories would be burned that would otherwise settle as fat in the body. Low metabolism rate would make you accumulate fat in your body. Including more spices in your body would bring more metabolism in your body. Nature of the food you eat would also determine the level of metabolism happening in your body. Foods that have heat-generating or thermogenic effects would supply heat to your body. Indian spices are popular for its heat generating effects. These spices are generally avoided in summer.

Use of Spices in India, Spices contributing to increased metabolism and weight loss

There is no vegetable or non-vegetarian dish without the use of ginger, pepper, and cumin seeds in India. After you eat pepper your body temperature would rise. In order to bring back the body to original temperature body would burn more calories, thereby speeding up the metabolism rate. Increased metabolism is beneficial as it would encourage the usage of unused fat in the body. Eating more spices, pepper would thus help you burn your fat.

Bird's eye chili, Indian green chili, red chili and ginger help lose weight

Indian chillies are famous for its weight lose effects. Bird’s eye chilli (kanthari mulaku in malayalam) is a typical example. They does speed up the metabolism. Bird’s eye chilli helps lose weight. It is also found be effective for lowering blood pressure. As we eat these chillies metabolism increases and more calories would be burned in the body. Temperature increase is directly proportional to weight loss. You might have noticed this in summer. As metabolism increases and you sweat more, you would lose weight. Chillies also help digestion. As digestion improves, waste elimination from body becomes possible. Fast metabolism, proper digestion and waste expelling decrease the chance of fat accumulation. This ultimately helps you lose weight.

Spices aiding digestion, and helping avoid fat absorption

Eating spices like ginger and cinnamon improves the circulation of blood in your body by improved metabolism. Cinnamon is a wonder spice. It can amazingly rise body temperature. This ensures that your body experience a better metabolism and get more calories burned out. The result is improved digestion and better circulation in body. Cinnamon does bring down blood sugar, thereby keeping control of insulin rise after eating. This ultimately eliminates the chance of fat storage. Spices thus help you lose weight. Ginger is generally avoided in summer as it warms your body. Ginger raises body temperature and encourages sweating. Ginger improves metabolism and prevent fat absorption. You would finally be benefitted as you lose weight eating ginger.


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