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Indian kitchen tips for easy, fast and tasty cooking

Updated on December 1, 2012

Few Indian cooking tips to share with you

Improve the taste of spinach

While cooking spinach (cheera or palak) add half teaspoon of sugar. This will ensure that the color of spinach is retained even after cooking. It will also help improve the taste of spinach.

Excess salt

If salt became excess in your curry, put a piece of coconut into it. Coconut will absorb the excess salt. Otherwise take a small cloth and put some cooked rice into it. Tie the cloth. Now put the bundle into the curry. Rice will catch the excess salt.


If you are cooking for lots of people and need to fry lots of onions (for example, for biriyani), do one thing. Steam cook the onions first and them fry it. Less oil will be used if you do like this.


If your old pickle became hard, just heat it again using some oil (preferably sesame oil)

Preserving pickle

In order to prevent fungus from entering pickle, keep a cloth over the top of the pickle. Grease the cloth with sesame oil and spread it over the surface of the pickle. Pickle will never catch fungus

Vegetable water

Do not throw away the water in which vegetables were cooked. You can use this water for rasam or sambar. This water is nutritious.

Cooking onion

If you sprinkle little sugar while frying onion, onion will get fried easily.

Cooking fish

While cooking fish, add ½ teaspoon of crushed mustard seeds. Fish will not get withered.

Smell while cooking vegetables

Certain vegetables when cooked would give out a smell. In order to avoid that take a cloth, put a piece of bread in that, and put it in the water in which vegetable is cooked. This bread piece will catch the smell.

Egg smell for cake

Some people do not like cakes giving out the smell of eggs. In order to avoid the smell of eggs, add little bit of honey in the mix of the cake.

How to preserve eggs

You can avoid keeping eggs in the fridge by preserving it in a different way. Rub ghee over the shell of the egg and keep it away from heat. Eggs will not get rotten.

Increase the taste of pickles

For pickles in which vinegar is used, adding little sugar would enhance the taste.

Cooking raw banana

While cooking raw banana, cut it and put in water first. The tar from banana will be dissolved in water. Water will become blue-black. Put raw banana pieces in water for some time and later take out for cooking.

While cooking vegetables

Cook vegetables in steam first and then fry if you require. If you do this, the nutritional value of vegetables will be retained. If you cook vegetables in water, the water soluble vitamins will be lost.

Cooking bitter guard

In order to get rid of the bitter taste of bitter guard, do one thing. Put water to boil first and add salt and tamarind to it. Bring to boil and add bitter guard pieces. Bitter taste will go off.

Stew and mappas

While making stew and mappas, use fenugreek seeds also in seasoning. After adding mustard, put some fenugreek seeds also.


While making rasam for children try using coconut water instead of water. Children will like it

No walnut or almonds

If you do not have walnuts or almonds for using in foods, just use groundnuts. Indian groundnuts are very tasty.

Adding tomato sauce

Adding a spoonful of tomato sauce would enhance the taste of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes you eat with chappathi or roti.

Preserve garlic

Rather than keeping as a pod, separate the cloves of garlic and keep. This will help garlic to be preserved for long periods.

When frying fish

Do not discard the outer damaged leaves of cabbage. You can use it for frying fish. While frying fish in a pan, keep the fish over the leaves of cabbage. This would ensure that the lower part of the fish piece do not get overcooked.

Fish fry

In the masala for frying fish, add curry leaves also. Add curry leaves also in the oil used for cooked. Fish fry would become more tasty.

For tasty cutlet

While making cutlet, put finely chopped pudina leaves in the bread crumps that we use for finally rubbing cutlet. Pudina would make cutlet more tasty

Used lemon

After taking the juice, do not throw away the lemon shell. Put it in a tin with salt and sliced green chili. Likewise keep on adding the lemons you use daily. The lemon shell you put is unusable. But the green chili would catch a special taste. Take the green chillies and eat. It will be so tasty with the flavor and smell of lemon.

Orange Ice

Fill one ice tray with orange juice and keep. Orange ice will be made. You can put orange ice in juices while you serve it to guests.

Special flavored Ice cube

While adding water to ice cube put pudina leaves (mint leaves), lemon peel, cloves and cardamom in it. You will get a specially flavored ice cube.

Cashew nut and almond powder

If you have left over almond powder or cashew nut powder, mix it with roti flour or chapathi flour.

Black tea decoction

While preparing black tea decoction put few pieces of orange peel. You would get a flavored black tea. Adding cardamom or ginger would also give good flavors.

Excess coconut milk

If you have some left over coconut milk pour it in ice tray and refrigerate and keep. You can use later


After making custard sprinkle some sugar over the top. This will prevent the layer from forming at the top.


While making samosa, add lemon juice to the floor. This will make samosa crispy. Adding corn flour to the samosa flour would also make it crispier.


Keep sandwich covered in lettuce leaves so that it will remain as fresh.

Fish cutting board

Clean the fish cutting board using lemon juice so that the smell of fish will go off.

Preserve cutting board

After use smear wood-made fishing board with oil so that it will stay good for long time

Fish from freezer

After taking fish from freezer, pour little milk to it. Milk will take off the smell of the freezer.

Chicken liver

It is easy to cut chicken liver with scissors rather than cutting it with knife.


Before using raisins or dry grapes put it in water for sometime. Grapes will swell up.

Egg from refrigerator

After taking egg from refrigerator keep it outside for some time. Do not boil immediately. Egg will break off.

Salt while boiling egg

While boiling egg put salt in water. This will prevent the egg from breaking.

While making chapathi

While making chapathi dough, apply little oil in hand. This will prevent the dough from attaching to our hands.

Cutting green chili

In order to have thin slices of green chili use scissors instead of knife. It is easy to cut green chili with scissors.

When cooking pulses (Dal)

When cooking dal, put little fenugreek seeds. It would help digestion

Potato for French fries

Before frying potatoes for making French fries put potato slices in cold water (before half an hour). This will help French fries to be crispy.

Lettuce leaves

Do not wash lettuce leaves before. Keep in refrigerator without washing. Wash just before using it.

Coriander leaves

Keep coriander leaves or celery leaves in aluminum foil while keeping in fridge.

Orange juice

While making orange juice or Mosambi juice, add few teaspoons of lemon juice. Adding lemon juice makes orange juice more tasty.

Poori flour

After making the dough for poori, keep it covered with a wet cloth.


After making chapathi cover it with a cloth and keep in casserole. Chapathi will remain hot and soft.


If you want to cut meat into thin slices, keep the meat in freezer for some time and try to cut.

Fish in fridge

In order to keep fish in refrigerator, add salt, turmeric powder and a drop of vinegar to it. Fish will remain fresher.

Soft idli

Adding cooked rice or rice flakes (aval in Malayalam) paste to idli paste would make soft idlis.

Curd dishes

For dishes using curd, add salt only after curd is cooked. Adding salt early would change the configuration of curd.

Pasta and noodles

While cooking pasta and noodles, put little oil in the boiling water. This will avoid noodles becoming a muddle.

Rice Kheer

When making rice kheer add sugar only after rice is cooked. Otherwise it will become very late to get rice cooked.

Taking few drops of lemon juice

When you need few drops of lemon juice do not cut a whole lemon. Rather make a hole in lemon and squeeze lemon juice as required. The lemon can be later used.

Improve the taste of puttu

Puttu is a South Indian breakfast snack. For increasing the taste of puttu, use coconut water instead of water while making the flour (puttu podi) for puttu.


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    • dhannyya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      thanks for the comment shiningirisheyes

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      You and my future brother-in-law share a lot of commonalities. He his a wonderful cook and I've tasted many delicious dishes from his Country. I have also had the pleasure of some wonderful tips, such as this great hub!

    • dhannyya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      thank you lemonkerdz and always exploring for your comments

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Great tips, esp. adding sugar when frying onions. Thank you so much..

    • lemonkerdz profile image


      5 years ago from LIMA, PERU

      Wow! that is a lot of tips. Thanks, everybody needs some indian cooking in their lives. thee tips will make it a hole lot easier. It will help me ith mine.


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