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Indigenous Diets from all Around the World That May Help when Choosing a Modern Diet

Updated on September 2, 2015

I always liked to know about what other peoples used to eat and what were their diets depending on the areas they were living on and of course, I found out their diets were indeed very different from each other regarding the food.

They would eat different foods and meats and they would prepare them differently but the only common trait they all shared was that they consumed only natural food. All fruits and veggies cultivated on their land or picked from fields where they grew wild and the meat also came from wild animals or domesticized animals let free to feed themselves in a natural habitat. All that, on a long term had a very big impact on people living in a not so modern manner like most of the planet does.

The Alaskan People

Among these people there were found no traces of any modern disease such as cancer or any bone structure and dental deformities. They were all healthy and very active, proving that even their children did not cry because of hunger.

In their diet there was a lot of fish, seal oil and ice-cream made out of the seal oil with berries, raw fat for cooking, fermented fish meat (for more strength), raw fatty meat where they would eat the organs first, smoked lean meat and dried fish eggs, especially the salmon eggs were important for the babies’ health.

As much as scientists studied this lifestyle and diet they could not find any high cholesterol levels or heart diseases among the people who ate all that fat.

Why? Because the fat they ate was pure. Today we’re educated and taught to use more vegetable oil and processed fats that degrade even more when they’re used for cooking. The animals they got their meat supply from were hunted in their natural habitat, fact we cannot say today still applies. Our animals grow in farms along with other thousands, where they get their vitamin shots and other hormones or antibiotics on a regular basis, before they end up on our plates.

The Asian People

Whatever the other countries fight against, in terms of diseases and health issues the Asians don’t really see them as a threat to their population. And that’s because the Asian culture and some of its traditions still survive and are being practiced until this day. Especially when it comes to the food they eat, they’re all big fans of rice prepared in any way possible, from alcoholic drinks to sweets.

The most common foods they consume, besides rice are fish and seafood, healthy fats, fermented vegetables, grains, eggs, yogurt, sprouts, herbs and spices from abundance and meat only in small quantities, more to give flavor to the dish.

They also consume alcohol in moderation and they drink a lot of green tea and water.

In my opinion when we choose to eat in a certain way or be on a diet, we should always do a little research and inspire ourselves from peoples with a much better history of living a longer and healthier life, and thankfully, we have plenty of information available for that.

The Mediterranean People

These people were known for their “poor” diet that consisted mostly from veggies and fruits, beans, grains, fish and other seafood, nuts, olives and olive oil, very little dairy products and meat only on occasions. They’ve added some red wine to that poor menu of theirs and they actually got the best odds of living longer and being healthier.

It seems that all these peoples were eating raw, unprocessed food and as varied as possible without exaggerations though. As a result to that they had a good health, they had good bone structure, good and straight teeth and they were happier. I can even see why they were happier, without all the hormones injected in their food to affect their mood and inner balance.

The key ingredient in all these indigenous diets was to eat all the food they got according to each season. Not to stop from eating certain categories of foods like other adepts of diets consider.

In my opinion it’s important to eat moderately and have a little bit of everything. Experiment in the kitchen as often as possible because not only the food will be tastier and healthier but it will also relax you after a hard day of work.


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