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The Why And What Of Infrared Oven Reviews

Updated on February 25, 2014

It is often said that infrared ovens are the "new" way to cook food, being more efficient and less energy consuming than the bulky conventional ovens. However, the same sources often tend to be vague and obscure in explaining exactly how infrared ovens help cook food better. Therefore, it is first necessary to fully understand what infrared ovens are. Once we do understand, do we go and buy the first infrared oven available? Or should we carefully go through reviews to understand just how a particular infrared oven will add value to our kitchen? As anyone would agree, reading reviews is an important part of market survey. This necessity is all the more so in case of infrared ovens because of some confusing language used by manufacturers. Below, therefore, we have compiled for you a short guide to understanding what infrared ovens are, followed by why you need to read infrared oven reviews before purchasing an infrared oven.

What Are Infrared Ovens, And How Are They Helpful?

Infrared ovens are ovens which cook food using infrared radiation. In case you are wondering, infrared radiation is nothing but the invisible heat emanating from all heating sources, be it the sun or the toaster in your kitchen. As such, infrared ovens are totally harmless. However, it is true that infrared ovens are more efficient, because they use far infrared heating elements to cook food efficiently. Far infrared heating elements are more energy efficient and take less time to reach the temperature demanded of them. Further, the combination of efficient fans and a scientific structure with these heating elements ensures that the three heat transmission systems (convection, conduction and radiation) are used efficiently to produce thorough and even cooking. Hence, with infrared ovens -

  1. no defrosting or preheating is required

  2. none or very little oil needed, helps cut down on calorie consumption

  3. cooking times reduced by half

  4. energy consumption is lowered significantly

  5. precious kitchen space is saved due to their smaller size

Why Should You Read Infrared Oven Reviews?

Like all electrical appliances, not all infrared ovens possess the above qualities in equal measure. This is not to say they do not have them (unless they malfunction), but you do want the best value for money product don't you? This is where reviews come in. These reviews are written by individuals (usually homemakers or professional chefs), who have used the product for months and are in a position to judge its performance. Indeed, this is a crucial difference between the myriad reviews given on Amazon and professional infrared oven reviews – the former are written by people within a week of purchase, while the latter are more thorough, well thought out and written after careful inspection of all facets of the infrared oven.

This does not mean you should not read Amazon reviews, but you should also check out professional reviews. This is all the more necessary because infrared oven manufacturers tend to use high flying technical jargon to impress the gullible. Infrared oven reviews go beneath this jargon to bring out the real facts. Some of these facts are -

  • features of the infrared oven – e-commerce sites can provide selective information, whereas infrared oven reviews typically provide a complete list of features based on official manuals and personal experience of the reviewer.

  • Accessories – most websites mention what is given with the appliance, not what is excluded. For instance, an infrared oven that is $50 cheaper than the established market leader may be marketed with all its positive features. While these positive features may indeed be true, the infrared oven may not come with essential accessories, thus post-purchase costs. Missing components will only be mentioned on infrared review websites.

  • Disambiguation of components – You may find some websites mentioning the inclusion of a 4” rack, while a simple typo on a particular site makes the 4” a 2” rack. Those writing reviews have gone through the confusions associated with this, and will therefore mention the correct rack size.

  • Dishwasher safe? - Many people who write the content of e-commerce sites have little idea of the technical details of what they're writing on. Hence, they may claim that all parts of the infrared oven are dishwasher safe. Though seemingly innocuous, this mistake can cause you to put the vital power head of the infrared oven into the dishwasher, and ruin the appliance completely. In general, infrared oven reviews will inform you that power heads are the electrical components of the infrared oven, and must never be brought into contact with water. Further, there may be other parts which have specific cleaning instructions, and apart from the user manual (and sometimes not even the user manual), the only place where you will find this information is in well-written and well-researched reviews.

  • Replacement of parts – Since replacement of parts is often the least profitable part of any business, manufacturers not inclined to provide good after sales service may avoid mention of this while claiming to provide good warranty. A reviewer, on the other hand, would have experience handling the customer care of the company, and can provide a realistic appraisal of the replacement procedure and costs involved.

  • Warranty – Most manufacturers these days provide honest warranties, insofar as the time period of the warranty is concerned. Dig deeper into what exactly is covered, though, and you will have a hard time figuring out what the warranty is on electrical components, etc. Since usually, reviews are written by experienced people, you can rest assured that their information on warranty will be more detailed and far more dependable.

As the above guide shows, infrared ovens are highly useful kitchen appliances which can save you considerable cooking time, energy and oil consumption, while producing healthy and well cooked meals. However, like all kitchen appliances, they have their specifications, which are not always brought into sufficient light by the manufacturers and e-commerce sites. This is where infrared oven reviews come in, clearing up doubts and giving first hand expert opinions which are otherwise hard to obtain in the neighborhood. Hence, you should always consult a reputed reviews site before taking the plunge with a particular infrared oven.

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