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Insects You can Eat! Yum!

Updated on March 25, 2010

Oven Baked Tarantula

I'll take my Tarantula fried thank you... what you are out?  Okay then I'll take the cheeseburger.
I'll take my Tarantula fried thank you... what you are out? Okay then I'll take the cheeseburger.

Spiders for Supper?

Oven Baked Trantula

Oven - Baked Tarantula, is one of Cambodia's most unique delicacies. Black, hairy and originally eaten out of necessity during the Khmer Rouge period. Since then it has become a national delicacy. I prefer mine fried thanks!

Candy with a Twist!

Doesn't that just look so mouthwatering... reminds me of the prize in the middle cracker jacks treat!
Doesn't that just look so mouthwatering... reminds me of the prize in the middle cracker jacks treat!

Just like Shrimp Right? Land Shrimp?

Scorpion Lollipop

Who wouldn’t appreciate this tasty treat dropped off in their Halloween Basket? Note to self do not trick or treat in Thailand!

Chocolate Covered Ants

Remove the ants and I could eat a dozen at a time!
Remove the ants and I could eat a dozen at a time!

Creepy Crawly and Crunchy!

Chocolate Covered Giant Ants

Hand toasted Giant Queen Leafcutter Ants coated in the finest Belgian Chocolate. Every spring when the rains come in Colombia the Guane Indians collect the new Queens when they are emerging from their underground nests, only one Queen Ant is needed in a colony so the new Queens have to leave. The Indians have been collecting these ants every spring when they fly from their nests to toast in a clay pot over an open fire for centuries, and they are considered a rare delicacy. Sounds delicious don’t you think? Everything is better with Chocolate. I’ll take a dozen, sans the ants thank you.

Insects a solution to Americans Obesity Problems?

Doesn’t the thought of a tasty crunch spider, cricket, or ant just make your mouth water? Me neither!!! I got the idea to do a little investigating after an episode of Bear Grylls “Born Survivor”. For those of you who have not seen the show here is what it’s about. Bear travels the world to the most inhospitable places where he is dropped off (Usually by Parachute) with a knife, a small amount of water, and the clothes on his back. Along the way he has to find shelter, prevent attack from animals, avoid the pitfalls of dangerous terrain and find food. And the food nearly always includes insects and other things you as a normal person wouldn’t eat in a million years.

Did you know that one hundred grams of beef contains 54 to 57 percent protein, while one hundred grams of crickets contains between 62 and 75 percent protein? Do we really care about this bit of trivia? Supposedly 80% of the World’s Population consumes some kind of insect. I am very happy to be excluded (at least to my knowledge) from this lucky group.

Bear has eaten dead animal flesh, snakes, scorpions, ants, maggots, and a whole host of other disgusting things. I have read articles in the past about how the World’s food problems could be solved if people would eat insects. I heard while watching a recent episode of the mentalist a reference to ants being ¼ of the Earth’s Bio-Mass. So there must be something to this right? People do in fact eat insects. So with no further delay, how you would you like to sample some of these tasty treats available online?

Finally Tasty Treats for the International Traveler with a Taste for Oriental Dining

  • hachi-no-ko - boiled wasp larvae
  • zaza-mushi - aquatic insect larvae
  • inago - fried rice-field grasshoppers
  • semi - fried cicada
  • sangi - fried silk moth pupae

Yes I know I’ve left out grub worms, crickets, grasshoppers, caterpillars, but hey in a crisis you might be able to choke those down. But Spiders? Seriously who eats spiders? Yuk! Well happy dining, it’s lunch time for me… I’m going to have some traditional non insect based cuisine.

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