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Insects will save Europe from starvation

Updated on May 5, 2016

Insects are a very valuable source of protein. They reproduce quickly, keeping them not too picky. Thanks we can solve the problem of food shortage is threatening many countries around the world.

One of the initiators of this idea is the Dutch scientist Marcel Dikk when he thought after 14 years, the global population will reach 9 billion people, how to make enough food. Meat will severely lacking and naturally one must mobilize all kinds of invertebrates in.

Experts from the European Union (EU), said that the insect will have an important role in solving the problems of the European food and contributing to environmental protection. EC authorities decided to spend $ 4 million to study the benefits and nutritional value of insects, and food standardization Department of trachnhien He assigned the project.

Some researchers made the comparison: beetles and grasshoppers protein without cholesterol, crickets, contains 20% protein and just 6% fat. Meanwhile, pork contains 24% protein and 18% fat but. That's not to mention the microelements such as calcium grasshoppers, termites have not much iron, silkworm chrysalis is the ideal source of copper and vitamin B2. In addition to nutritional value, farming insects also have the advantage of ecological perspective. They emit few greenhouse gases than cattle.

Currently, they are analyzing a systematic way the chemical composition of the organisms they arthropod, since the body also contains some kind of harmful microorganisms, allergens, not even the strange disease known.


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