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Interesting Bite Size Sandwiches - Red-orange-green and white

Updated on March 30, 2010

Red-orange-green-white sandwiches

Red-orange-green-white sandwiches
Red-orange-green-white sandwiches

Red-orange-green-white sandwiches

 The best way to get adults or children alike to eat roughage is through interesting combinations of foods that are acceptable to the palate and mindset alike.

These sandwiches are easy to fix and provide loads of antioxidants in addition to protein, fibre, vitamins and carbohydrate.

Ingredients -

Bread slices - whole wheat or white (thick slices preferred)

Mayonnaise - low fat/vegetarian or Miracle whip

For the red layer- grated beet-root 1/4 cup

For the orange layer - grated carrots 1/4 cup mixed with (1/4 tsp lime juice+ 1/4 tst salt +1/4 tsp sugar)

For the green layer- finely chopped fresh spinach (2T)

For the white layer - cottage cheese + finely grated cabbage (1/4 cup)+ pepper powder and salt to taste

Take two slices of bread and apply mayonnaise to one side each.

Drizzle the first red layer of grated beetroot  on the side of the slice which has mayonnaise.

Follow this with an even layer grated carrot prepared with lime juice.  Then sprinkle over finely chopped spinach. 

Spoon in the next layer of cottage cheese and grated cabbage.  Top it with the second slice, mayonnaise side down.

Trim the edges, press down slightly and cut into 4 equal bite size triangles.

Note- Adults can substitute the green layer of spinach with finely chopped spring onions 


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