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Iron Chef VS.Chopped

Updated on October 4, 2014

On Iron Chef America two chefs meet in kitchen stadium for a battle of gastronomic proportions.Each week, members of an elite group known as Iron Chefs, are challenged by chefs from every corner of the globe. Host Alton Brown introduces the challenger, usually a seasoned chef, with decades of experience. At this point the challenger chooses from 10 Iron Chefs that include such famous names as Cat Cora, Bobby Flay, and Mario Batali. Before the battle ensues, the chairman played by Mark Dacascos, introduces the secret ingredient. Contestants are now given one hour to come up with five dishes using the secret ingredient. The dishes are judged on originality, plating, and taste, with the most points going to taste.


The Challenger

Weighing in at just over a ton of fans is our challenger "Chopped "hosted by Ted Allen. Four chefs meet and battle for a chance at $10,000 and the title of "Chopped Champion." For each round contestants are given a basket of secret ingredients. Each round is an elimination round that begins with the appetizer. At the end of each round the chefs will present their dish to the judges for evaluation. After all dishes have been evaluated all chefs will face the judges and one dish will face the chopping block. After the final round, the two remaining chefs will once again face the judges and the dreaded chopping block. The judges will now evaluate each chef's performance over all three rounds, and the best overall will be crowned "Chopped Champion."

History of Iron Chef America

Since the beginning I.C.A. has had some legendary battles. Superstars such as Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck have met in Kitchen Stadium. Several of today's iron chefs competed in the "Next Iron Chef" including Michael Symon. The Latest version of "The Next Iron Chef" featured superstar chefs some of which have their own show or shows. Three of these legendary chefs were "Chopped" judges and one (Elizabeth Faulkner) was even a sous chef of a current Iron Chef. When it was all over even celebrity chefs like Robert Irvine and Anne Burrelle had been eliminated and "Chopped" judge Geoffrey Zakarian was victorious.


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