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Is Beer the New Wine?

Updated on January 21, 2015

Forget the wine! Break out a Beer Instead

There is nothing like a refreshing beer with a snack or a meal. Pairing beer and food in the right combination will enhance your pleasure immensely. You may be wondering however which foods go with which beers? Choosing the right combination isn't difficult. Taking into account your taste preferences, you match the flavors of the food with the flavors of the beer. Try different variations of beer to see what you enjoy. You can choose from light, medium or heavy beers and then each of those come in various flavors from the addition of fruits, hops, yeast and other various ingredients. Trust your tongue and taste buds to tell you if you want to contrast, compliment or cleanse with your beer.

Which Beer with Which Food?

Sweet tasting beers with hot spicy food such as Indian or Mexican foods are an example of a contrasting approach. The sweetness of a fruit infused beer offers a contrasting coolness to the heat of peppers in spices found in fiery flavors like the snack food of mini enchiladas or spicy BBQ chicken wings .

Robust flavor or dark heavy beers, for example, ales compliment deep red meats and dense flavored foods such as beef or game meats like duck or turkey. Consider darker beers with more malt for darker foods.

Perhaps your palate has been overwhelmed by fatty type foods like pizza. In this case choose a carbonated bubbling beer. Belgium beers and other medium type beers will clean your palate as well as appease your thirst when eating.

Since there are so many kids of beer to choose from just jump in and start trying what sounds good to you. The fun of pairing beer and food is in your exploration of the delicious options.


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