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Is Corn King?

Updated on April 24, 2011

How much corn do you eat?

When was the last time that you ate corn? How was it served?

Corn (Zea mays) is a member of the grass (Poaceae) family. Corn is generally considered to have originated from a grassy weed found in Central and South America.

Plant selection by native farmers resulted in gradual changes in the genetic makeup of corn and this process was continued by immigrant European farmers who grew corn in the United States and adjacent areas of southern Canada.

Corn-on-the-cob is one of my personal favourites, we only have corn-on-the-cob when it is in season locally and then only for a few short weeks, but when it is fresh, either picked right off the stalk or purchased at a farm gate it is delicious.

Shepherd’s pie is a dish that demands kernel corn either canned or frozen, although my personal preference is frozen. This dish takes me back to my childhood when my grandmother used to make this and many other savoury dishes.

Another corn meal memory is creamed corn over mashed potatoes, as a child this was something I looked forward to and with some black pepper and a pad of butter, it was wonderful.

Over the years I poured cream corn over mashed turnips and a combination of mashed turnips, carrots and potatoes. It has been a few years since I tried this.

I have not had corn, at least not in a recognizable fashion for some weeks now, however, the other day I was reading Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and I was reminded that I consume more corn that I often realize.

As the food we eat here is usually fresh rather than processed and I drink little other than black coffee, water, cranberry juice and the occasional glass of red wine, my corn consumption is significantly less than someone whose diet involves pop, juices and pre-packaged foods.

Corn is in, in one form or another, much of what we consumer. For example, dextrose which is a thickener and sweetener is found in cold cuts, cream, ice cream, yogurt, canned soup, processed cheese, artificial sweetener, products for diabetics and nuts.

Two other commonly found forms are glucose-fructose which is a sweetener and found in sweet drinks, candy, pastries, condiments, processed cheese and fructose, another sweetener, found in sweet drinks, candy, pastries, condiments.

Corn is also used to feed livestock and in recent years with the search for alternative, friendlier waysto produce fuel, much farm land is being devoted to growing just one crop.

It may be time to rethink our dependence upon one crop and the precarious situation that may put us in.

King Corn


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  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    7 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, have a great day.

  • msviolets profile image


    7 years ago

    Hi Bob, I see this is an old hub but thought I'd say great info. A corn allergy really opened my eyes regarding our national dependence on corn. The vegetable is I recall, but not so much the rest.

  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks for dropping by.

  • Clara Ghomes profile image

    Clara Ghomes 

    9 years ago

    The manner you told us about corn led me to seek more interest in corn. I already like to have it but after reading your hub about corn I desperately like to have it.

  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks for dropping by.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I love corn and corn fields, they are so green and peaceful, in fact just the other day I was talking to a friend of mine and I said "I like corn" his response was "I thing everyone does, me and my girlfriend would watch it and try out the different positions." ummmm, thats CORN not porn!

  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    It will be corn season in a few short weeks, thanks for dropping by.

  • Isabellas profile image


    9 years ago from Ohio

    I love corn on the cob! I actually like to get it fresh from the farm and blanche it to freeze for the winter nothing better in the middle of winter!

  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    One the cob is the best, thanks for dropping by.

  • mistyhorizon2003 profile image

    Cindy Lawson 

    9 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    I am growing Corn myself this year for the first time in many years. I love it "on the cob" with loads of butter. I have to say that here in the UK we would never include it in Shepherds Pie, but each to their own as they say. I love it just on its own. Great hub. :)

  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    I have never had a microwaved cob of corn, might have to try it. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Staci-Barbo7 profile image


    9 years ago from North Carolina

    Bob, I love this Hub because I LOVE CORN.  It was (and still is) considered a mainstay vegetable instead of a grain here in North Carolina.  My alltime favorite - hands down - is Silver Queen corn on the cob. I steam it by microwaving it in the shuck for 3 minutes for each ear. Even though i have reservations about microwaving food, corn prepared this way tastes like heaven!

  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks for dropping by.

  • jim10 profile image


    9 years ago from ma

    I love corn but, find it is best when we get it locally. The grocery store really doesn't come close in quality. When I do get it from the grocery store I find that adding a tablespoon of sugar to the water I boil it in makes it taste a lot closer. I have always wanted to try the other types of corn but, can't find it anywhere near me. It seems like sweet corn is all that is sold here. I love popcorn too especially using my kettle popper.

  • Tigermadstanley profile image

    Amanda Davey 

    9 years ago from Canterbury, Kent, UK

    Interesting hub. Thanks. A favourite snack of mine is a bowl of corn topped with butter. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

    Corn is certainly a useful crop. I haven't tried growing it myself yet though. Maybe next year.


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