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Is It Vegan Or Not? Some Snack Foods Can Surprise You!

Updated on October 3, 2014

It ain't easy being vegan! (Not that I'd know, except for the ramblings of my other half.) You're not catered for in most restaurants, you have to pay ludicrously over the odds for non-animal equivalents in supermarkets and wholefood shops, you have uncomprehending serving staff offering you cheese and egg vegetarian options (and that's if they're not trying to get you to eat fish. Or lamb.) And you have to read the fine print of every damn label that doesn't clearly bear the legend 'Vegetarian AND vegan' to save you the trouble. You may even have to avoid the assiduous attentions of your personal vegan chef in order to make your way to a Burger King and order a (non-vegan) beanburger.

And you have to avoid making assumptions. Some foods, and some aisles in the supermarket, you just sail right on past with your trolley, oblivious, right? I mean, it's obvious they're not intended for you, the committed vegan: so what's the point in checking them out? Meaty-flavoured snack foods! Cheesy-sounding snack foods! These aren't the aisles where you go for vegan snack ideas. (Yes, to be honest, it's often the snack foods.) Houmous and olives in an aisle dominated by salami and cheese. Soya and almond milk in the fresh milk section. (A sight you can see quite often, lately, and a welcome change. Although the coconut milk is too often missing. I love coconut milk!)

Think again, O dear vegan buddy. Just because it's clearly not vegan, doesn't mean, er, that it's not vegan. (Unless it's rump steak. In which case it's probably not vegan.) There are quite a number of foods that might surprise you. And here's a new one!

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The popular golden, crunchy, bite sized popcorn chicken goes all vegan in our kitchen. A hot favorite with the kids and adults is the popcorn

Yes, for all UK vegan bods who have a Sainsbury's supermarket within easy reach, be still your beating hearts! If you have a secret love for ramen – and amongst food lovers, who doesn't – then you have a new item to cross off on your shopping lists. Because Sainsbury's chicken noodles – that's right, I said their chicken noodles – are vegan! If you don't believe me then check it out – there it is on the label bold as you please, 'Vegetarian AND vegan'!

Of course, even so, not every vegan – ramen lover or no – is going to rush out to Mr S's to buy a packet, then bring it home and scoff it. Many truly strict vegans have ethical objection to foods that resemble or are flavoured like animal products, not just to those that contain animal products. But I have to say, it's your loss, because noodles are awesome and these noodles – economy cheap mass produced junk though they may be – are very, very yummy. I love them especially with a little chilli powder and some lightly fried or microwaved red and green peppers. Oh, how delicious they are!

Don't eat them, vegans, I beg of you. They are beneath your dignity. Don't eat them. Leave them all for me: I have no scruples!


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