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Is Sorbet Vegan Safe?

Updated on October 16, 2012

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is a type of vegetarianism that excludes meat, eggs and dairy products and all other animal derived foods and food additives from an adherent’s diet. As veganism gains popularity in the western world, those who describe themselves as vegan are increasingly seeking alternative food producers that do not use animal products. Many vegans also tend to avoid products that are tested on animals or result from the exploitation of animals.

Vegans Deserve Animal Free Dessert Choices

Choosing to be vegan is in many individual cases a moral choice on the basis of applying rights to animals that are similar to human rights. Many people hold grave objections to the way corporate farms operate and the poor treatment of their livestock. Others simply feel that eating foods containing animal products is less healthy because of what livestock are fed and the unnatural supplements such as growth hormones that are added to their feed.
Those that make the moral choice not to eat foods that contain animal derived products should be empowered to maintain that choice, yet many vegans find themselves frustrated with having to carefully check the food they buy and often find animal derived products where they would not otherwise expect them. Friends and family who are not vegan will often find it difficult to provide meals that cater to vegans who tend to be confused with vegetarians who simply don’t eat meat. This is particularly the case with desserts, because many desserts contain dairy and egg products. In many cases, the vegan member of the family will have a separate meal and dessert created especially for them. So what kinds of dessert can be offered a vegan that the rest of the non-vegans will also enjoy?


Sorbet is Vegan Friendly (if it doesn’t contain eggs or dairy)

Sorbet, sometimes referred to as Sorbetto on restaurant menus, is a frozen fruit dessert that usually includes sweetener and fruit puree as its main ingredients. Made in a large variety of sweet and savoury flavours for a wide variety of culinary situations, sorbet can suit just about anybody’s taste. Although most sorbet doesn’t contain any animal products whatsoever, some brands use eggs or dairy cream in their recipes, so it can’t be said that all sorbet is vegan friendly. When shopping for sorbet or ordering it at a restaurant, do make sure to ask whether egg, cream or any other animal products are used. Lickme brand sorbet is locally made in Melbourne, Australia who does not use any animal products and is therefore safe for vegans.

Vegan Sorbet is Extremely Low in Fat

Dairy fat is normally responsible for the majority of fat content in many desserts. Due to the lack of animal products in sorbet, it is in most cases almost fat free. The only types of fat is contained in sorbet would be derived from the fruit or other flavour that is added, which is very low. Indeed, sorbet that is genuinely considered vegan are generally 98% to 99% fat free. Many varieties do contain sugar however, which converts to fat in the body and this should be taken into consideration as well. Fructose is particularly high in calories relative to other sweeteners and is found in many processed food products. The vast majority of processed ice cream, sorbet and gelato syrups contain highly concentrated fructose corn syrup, which has been shown to cause many health problems.

Sucrose, otherwise known as sugar, is not altogether good for you, but fructose is far worse. In any case, it is a good idea to eat a balanced diet and not eat sweets too regularly.


Responding to the Needs of Vegan Consumers

While those that adhere to a vegan diet find it difficult to ensure that the food they eat is free of ingredients derived from animals, especially when it comes to desserts, sorbet is a good option that non-vegans are also likely to enjoy. When naturally flavoured with real fruit or other flavouring, sorbet is also a much healthier choice than many other desserts. Artificial flavours and syrups often contain ingredients that are unnecessarily harmful to consumers and should be avoided as much as possible. Some food producers that specialise in desserts recognise the growing vegan consumer market, while it makes sense to simply make healthy food choices available to the general public. Frozen dessert specialists like the Gourmet Ice Cream Factory and their Lickme™ brand range of sorbet are a good example of those who are responding not only to the demand for vegan choices, but also for general health choices for those who want to avoid artificial ingredients.


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