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Is The Cost Of Worm Farming Equipment Expensive?

Updated on September 11, 2010

Is The Cost Of Worm Farming Equipment Expensive?

 Worm farming is a simple way to contain worms and harvest them to use. Some people use the worms as bait when they go fishing while others prefer to keep them to make fertilizer they can then take and use in the garden. Regardless of whether you are only going to have a few worm farms or over one hundred, you are still going to need some basic worm farming equipment either way. There is no need to worry because this equipment does not cost much, you  just need to be sure you get the right pieces.

 Containers are the first part of worm farming equipment you need to focus on. You will need to determine how many containers are necessary by how many worm farms you plan to start up. For preparing the containers everything you need you will pretty much be able to find right at home already. You simply use a pair of scissors or screw to poke some holes in each container, drainage holes on the bottom and some ventilation holes at the top.

 The only other worm farming equipment you really need is some materials for the bedding for your worms. Worms do not need much to get by and to start you can sprinkle a thick layer of garden soil in the containers. You do not need to be exact but try to make sure you give enough soil for the worms to be able to crawl underneath it as they wish. Worms do not like light and this will allow them room to move around and not leave them pushed up against the other worms.

 Also in each container you will want to include some ripped up damp newspaper and dried leaves. Combined this is the mixture that will be used as bedding for the worms and it should always be slightly damp. Water the bedding on a regular basis to keep it moist for the worms. After that it is pretty much just a matter of taking care of the worms by feeding them and watering the soil on a regular basis.

 You should be feeding the worms garbage and they should only be fed enough to get by. To determine how much is enough, start off with a smaller amount in each container and wait to see how long it takes them to eat it up then add more as needed. Setting up worm farms is remarkably simple and the benefits of having worm farms is great. Obviously there are only a couple pieces of worm farming equipment and in total you probably will not need to spend more than one hundred dollars to get everything you need.


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