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Is the planet earth just an alien food farm

Updated on June 3, 2013

My idea and creation of an alien planet and spaceship

Is the earth just an alien food farm

You may be wondering why I have raised this question, but the question arises due to what I have seen going on all around me on this planet. Simply looking at the commonality that goes on and around in all life forms, one can see a similarity that could potentially exist above and beyond that with which we can see.

Suppose we take an example of when we look down upon an ant that crawls along the ground.

We can see it, we can watch it's progress, we can monitor it, we can manipulate its path (by poking a stick in front of it), we can understand and appreciate that it exists and that it is there.

Do you think for one moment it can see us, or recognise that we exist. Is it possible that the ant appreciates that we are there standing above it, watching its every move. I very much doubt that.

Could it just be possible that aliens in some far off place, (or maybe they are as close to us as we are to the ant) are watching us. Maybe we don't understand that they are there. Maybe we can't see them monitoring and watching our very behaviour, just as we watched the behaviour of the ant.

Do you think a bacteria swimming in our bloodstream understands that it is living inside a human body, which is living on a planet earth, which floats around inside a vast universe.

Could it be that we are simply just an oversized bacteria, swimming around in the bloodstream of some humongous alien, which we believe to be our universe.

When a sheep wanders the green hills and valleys happily enjoying its food and living out what it thinks is it's natural life, when in fact it has been born, bred and fed purely to accommodate man's need for meat, do you think it knows this?

Does a fish living in a fish farm enjoying its daily feeds and swimming with its own kind, know that it is there purely for man's need to eat fish, or do you think it knows no better?

Is it therefore possible, that we as humans are living out what we believe to be our natural existence, when in fact we could simply be living on an earth farm used for feeding aliens.

I am not suggesting they eat human flesh, but maybe their food is something different. Perhaps they live off our emotional energy. Perhaps they live off our anger, or our love, or our greed, or simply aliens feed from the energy we create when we exist.

That may just provide the answer to other questions as to why there is so much love and hate, violence or wars that tend to perpetuate around this planet. Maybe there is a reason for such things.

Aliens come to Earth

Alien Contact

If mankind were to land on say MARS and discover vast underground oceans that where alive and teeming with fish like creatures, do you not think that man would then not at least dissect and attempt to uncover whether or not these creatures were edible.

Assuming these creatures were edible would mankind then leave that species alone , or is it more likely that man would use that food source, and eventually farm that food given a point in the future where he may wish to populate the planet.

We are always on the look out for alien life in the universe, just look at the search for extra terrestrial life institute (SETI), or the KEPLER telescope floating around in the universe, that is out there looking for earth like planets that revolve around suns in the habitable goldilocks zone (not too hot and not too cold). One day, because of our endeavours, we may discover alien life, and then we could come into contact with an intelligence superior to ourselves. What likely stance would the alien life take on us?. Do you think it would view us in the same way that we may view the life that could be found in the MARS oceans?

One surely has to question whether it is sensible or not, just to lie low and stay quiet as a planet, or perhaps merely to observe rather than to interact with other possible life forms in the universe.

Could it be that we one day we will learn to recognise and even eventually communicate with something or someone that as of yet we cannot see.

Look how many things we can now see since the discovery of radio waves or x-rays. One day we may discover a means of seeing something that at the moment we don't yet know exists.

Just out of interest when you go to bed tonight and put out your light, simply close your eyes and peer into the back of your eyelids. Tell me if you see moving shapes and lights, or do you simply see blackness.

If you do see things, what do you think these are ?

When you close your eyes at night - can you see moving images and/or lights ?

See results

Animal or Vegetable

It is possible that if life were found on other planets, then surely it would be similar to the life that exists on earth. In other words it may just take the form of either an animal or that of vegetable in nature.

Most animal type life forms tend to be carnivorous and usually feed on other animal life forms. We know this is not true in all cases. The sheep and the cow feed off grass, whilst the lion and the tiger feed of smaller animals.

Most vegetable life forms tend to feed by absorbing nutrients from the soil or from the surrounding sea if that is where they live. Again this is not true in all cases. Just take the example of the Venus fly trap, that ensnares its victim within its enclosed leaves.

Assuming therefore that should we meet an intelligent life force, then perhaps the preference would be to meet the vegetable kind rather than the animal kind, simply because it is less likely to be man eating, one would hope. However it equally may not be true in all cases.

One just has to take a look at how man has farmed the fields, with crops of wheat, potatoes and other such vegetables. Do you think a vegetable type of life force would look down kindly upon us?. I would suggest not.


Farming is simply an intelligent way of maintaining, controlling and harvesting a viable food source. It allows for the perpetuation of a source of food necessary to maintain all life that uses that food source. On this planet it is a way of continuing to feed our growing population.

In answer to the question raised in this hub one surely has to allow for the possibility that the earth could simply be one of those farms in the universe. A place where we live out our lives, not really knowing the purpose of our existence. This planet or farm could be one of many. Each of the individual planets could simply be a farm in its own right. Of course this may not be the case, and each planet may simply be farming its own resources within its own boundaries.

Is it possible we could simply be like one of those sheep that quietly graze away on the Welsh hills, living out their lives, there but for one purpose only, to be a food source for another day?.


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    • profile image

      Emusicman11 3 years ago

      I totally agree with this theory. I don't know the exact name for it but I have come to this conclusion on my own as well. I just googled the theory and found this blog in hopes of discussing this with other like minded people.

      I believe we are being farmed for our spiritual energies by some form of higher dimensional alien race. Here's how it works I think: The energies we give off when we rationalize against the flow of the universe are what the aliens want. So they feed us with subliminal messages through the media to basically hack our subconscious. When this happens we are left with a balancing act that our spirit has to do and the energy we give off goes directly to the source which would be the aliens. I also call this advanced satanic alien voodoo.

      Most people don't make it this far when I start to talk about this stuff but I hope maybe others can see my points.

      The only part I didn't get was: " Do you think a vegetable type of life force would look down kindly upon us?. I would suggest not." Are you saying if we were being looked down upon then the life force would most likely be carnivorous?

    • The Finance Hub profile image

      The Finance Hub 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Great hub, really gets your mind going! Voted up! Hope you enjoy my hubs as well!

    • singleaple profile image

      singleaple 6 years ago

      ermm....and .Thankyou for your nice comments

    • MarleneWheeler profile image

      MarleneWheeler 6 years ago

      Cute video and thought provoking hub, now as far as the aliens, when you start saying no, you're closing the door right?

    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 6 years ago from North Wales

      "Could it be the aliens are all around us and we simply cannot see them." Yes, it could all be true but if we don't know about it then it doesn't really matter until we do, I don't think.

      Thanx Gareth.


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