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Seven Italian Bread Designs for your Bread Recipe

Updated on November 5, 2011

The Names of Italian Bread are fascinating in that, they are mostly derived from their shape or what they resemble. For example, Tartarugha is a checked-structured Bread made by stamping the dough with a stamp whose surface is designed with square Boxes.

You might find the shapes useful for making your own Bread, Cake and any other Product. We will be considering the following Italian Bread: Altamura, Rosetta, Quadrotto, Papera, Ciambella, Bocconcino, Filoni Siciliano.


Altamura Bread made from Semolina
Altamura Bread made from Semolina | Source

Altamura Bread Design

Altamura, Ciambella and Siciliano are mostly made with Grano duro. But Altamura is the simplest form in that, once the Dough is incubated, a sharp knife can be used to gently cut a star-like Cross on top of the flat circular Bread. Although Altamura means high wall, it does not include the Star-like Cross on the surface of the Bread. Cutting should be central so as to position the design at the middle of the Bread.


Rosetta (Rosette) Bread
Rosetta (Rosette) Bread | Source

Rosetta Bread Design

This design on this bread looks is similar to the Star-like design on Altamura, except that the sign is made with a Stamp rather than with a Knife. The bread is made with white Wheat flour with high Roughage content. It becomes a dry and almost oval Loaf in the form of an opening Rose Flower. The Bread is mostly a dry Crust around an almost empty space.


Square-shaped Quadrotto Bread (50g)
Square-shaped Quadrotto Bread (50g) | Source

Quadrotto Bread Design

Quadrotto is derived from Quadro meaning Square. They are cubic or cuboid-shaped Bread designed to meet different Sizes and Weight. Though the name is sometimes used to refer to the 60g mass, smaller form of 30g is referred to as Quadratina. Quadratto is the simplest shape to chose for your Bread because it can either be shaped out of a Box or simply cut into shape.

Both Hard Wheat and Normal Flour can be used to make Quadrotto. But experience is of the opinion that, while it's easy to obtain a well shaped Bread from white Flour, it is such a difficult task shaping Grano duro. Special care should always be taken in the flour mixing process in other to avert an Incident of collapsed Dough that could deform the Bread.


Papera or Duckling (60g)
Papera or Duckling (60g) | Source

Papera Bread Design

Papera is a flat Bread deliberately designed to resemble a Duck. They are formed by the compression of Bocconcino into flat structures that are finally pierced to form a central division at the Centre before baking. It is the line that gives it the unique shape that defines it as a Duck. Papera are weighed in 60g. There also exist 30g weight called Paperina (Duckling).

Papera (like Bocconcino, Quadrotto, and Rosetta) are very small and light Bread. Their individual designs are fortified with whitish Patterns that are direct Consequence of white Flours sprinkled on the Surface of the incubated Doughs before the actual Oven-baking Process.


Ciambella or Donut Shaped Bread made from Durum Wheat
Ciambella or Donut Shaped Bread made from Durum Wheat | Source

Ciambella Bread Design

Ciambella simply means Donut. So many types of Italian Bread and Cakes are designed to meet regional Specifications. Lazio and Calabria are known for making special Ciambella flour Products such as Ciambela all'acqua and cuddrurieddru respectively. The Dough are initially rolled into Balls then compressed flat before piercing a central hole that is maneuvered at the Center to form a circular Loop.


Bocconcino (Nibble) 50g
Bocconcino (Nibble) 50g | Source

Bocconcino Bread Design

Although the Name means Nibble, Bocconcino is a small yellowish oval-shaped Bread that seemed rather spiral when viewed from any of its two extremes. It is made by first cutting the Dough into flat rectangular pieces before rolling into an oval Shape. Once formed, it is allowed to incubate within a period of time where the spaces are expected to seal up. Bocconcino is bright and shiny, a characteristic formed by the baking Process where Water Vapour is continuously used to treat the surface.

Siciliano Bread (Palermitano filone)

Sicilian Bread made from Grano Duro (Hard Wheat) and sprinkled with sesame Seeds.
Sicilian Bread made from Grano Duro (Hard Wheat) and sprinkled with sesame Seeds. | Source

Filone Palermitano Siciliano

This an elongated (Filone) Italian Bread that Originates from Palermo in Sicily. Like other Sicilian Bread, it is designed externally with sprinkles of Sesame Seeds. The Sesame on the External surface combines with the yellowish appearance of the Hard wheat (Grano duro) to form a spotty bright yellow pattern. The bread is also designed externally with special lines on the surface. The lines could be from one to three which usually defines the weight of the Bread. For example, 500g will contain three lines, 250g two lines, and 150g a single straight line.

Here is a Video on how to shape your loaf of Bread

Bread and baked Flour Products are shaped in multiple ways sometimes specific to different parts of the World. But it is Italy that seemed to have the most of the varieties of Bread shapes. Learning how to apply each type to a new culture will undoubtedly boost local Market.

Though this Article is restricted to seven Bread, there are a multitude of Italian Bread that can be emulated. Or you too could be creative in making your own design.


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    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      Thank you silver lining 5! I think Italian bread are unique in that, they are different from most other types of bread. Your Hub: "USA-Terrorist Congress." was so tactically written that I had to share it on my Facebook profile. Grazie!

    • silver lining 5 profile image

      silver lining 5 6 years ago from Southwest

      I have a real love of bread but I have to watch myself. It all looks and sounds so wonderful. By the way thanks for commenting on my hub "USA-Terrorist Congress." I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Chao

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      Thanks mohin28! Great to see your nice comment!

    • mohin28 profile image

      mohin28 6 years ago from London

      This is a very facinating Hub!

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      Hello Carmen H! It's a deliberate pattern with bread designs and Shapes in mind. Thank you very much!

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      Hungrymouse, haha! Perhaps you should try making an Altamura bread for breakfast. Afterall, there are bread-making kits to order.

      We all have to use the concept of 'association' to come up with brand new Hubs. Thanks!

    • Carmen H profile image

      Carmen Beth 6 years ago

      Interesting hub!! Great patterns to impress.

    • hungrymouse profile image

      hungrymouse 6 years ago from North America

      No limits to the imagination. Now I have lots to talk about at breakfast. Thanks