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It's all 'Banana' to me!

Updated on February 3, 2016
'Banana Tree'
'Banana Tree' | Source

The History of Bananas

"Banana is the common name forherbaceous plants of the genus Musa and for the fruit they produce. Bananas come in a variety of sizes andcolors when ripe, including yellow, purple, and red." Belief it or not, they actually come not only in yellow (and green), but in red or purple too! We mostly know the sweet variety (yellow) or the green ones called 'Plantain' that you fry in the skillet like a vegetable. They are originally from South/Southeast Asia and its been assumed that the people of Papua New Guinea were the first to cultivate them. Today they are grown all over the tropics and in over 107 different countries, and are primarily used as fruit or even for the production of banana wine, ornamental plants or fibers.
The plant can grow as tall as 20-25 feet and is the largest flowering plant of the family 'herbaceous'.

Wikipedia contributors. "Banana." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 30 Nov. 2011. Web. 6 Dec. 2011.

What The Fudge Is That Ingredient?!
What The Fudge Is That Ingredient?! | Source

Robin's recipe for Bananas

My daughter Robin will one day be a great cook like her Grammy and Omi. She loves cooking (is she truly mine? Have the time I hate standing in the kitchen!) and has some great ideas.

One of her desert favorites is actually quite simple. But it is ever so delicious!

Peel your slightly ripe bananas (I can't stand green bananas. I buy them when they are starting to turn yellow.) and fry them in a skillet with a little butter. Take them out when they start becoming a little glassy.
Arrange them on a plate and drip some honey of your choice over them. Serve a glas of fresh milk with it! You can also serve it with French Toast.

It's simple and easy. She was seven when we made it for the first time. It's a great food to teach children to make.


Chinese Bananas?

I had this first when I was my daughter's age; back in Germany in a Chinese restaurant.

It is similar to Robin's recipe and ever so good.

I never did figure out what dough the Chinese use, but I tried it in many different ways. The Chinese dip the bananas in dough and then deep-fry it. It is then served with honey.

I try not to eat too much fried food, so I backed it in a wide variety of doughs you can buy at your local supermarket. We tried regular buns, croissants and even cookie dough. The croissants were the best.

And yes, honey makes the best topping. But you can also try it out with coconut sprinkles, nuts and chocolate or caramel sauce.


Banana Pancakes

This is probably one of my favorite ways of making pancakes! And I will try to get you the recipe for my Mom's homemade pancakes (no box mixes involved!)!

Slice your bananas thinly. Your options are to either mix them into the batter or drop them on the batter afterwards. I always add a little honey or brown sugar to the batter.

Brown your pancakes on both sides and serve with syrup or honey! I also like to add a little butter, vanilla ice creme and whipped creme to it!
Garnish with honey, fresh green herbs or different colored fruits and maybe some nuts. You can also add nuts to the batter!

Try this with other fresh fruit! So good!


'Bananen Milch' aka Banana Shake

This is an old family tradition I try to upkeep. I may not have that still warm milk fresh from the cow we got to enjoy on the island Foehr, but if you want something similiar, use Vitamin D Milk.

You need a blender (the type used for milk shakes. Not sure of the exact name.), milk, bananas, finely and coarsely shredded nuts and whipped creme.

First add your banana pieces and just a tiny bit of milk. If you add too much milk, it will become a explosive opportunity to make a mess. Start on slow and work the speed up until the bananas are mushy. Keep slowly adding the milk until you reach the desired consistency. Add the finely shopped nuts and let it mix up well.
For a fancy look, use some fancy glasses and place them on small cake plates. Garnish with whipped creme, nuts and a banana slice or two.
Serve with a few cookies or those snack waffles that are roled up and covered in chocolate. You can add some fresh mint as garnish too.

For more on the island Foehr, enjoy my article 'Island Fun' (


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